Monday, July 31, 2017

We Get Letters

We get comments on the blog. Most we publish, a few we do not. The ones we don't publish have usually violated something stated in the instructions on commenting seen immediately above where you can leave your comment after any specific page or entry.

This one wasn't published because of the f-bomb. It was left after this entry.
This article it's a f---ing masterpiece. It shows how stupid are the moralists and it's arguments. In my opinion, the best place where I put the line it's: Consensual and healthy relations between adult persons.

Then there was one that required a little more editing. It was left after this entry.
Since everyone is sharing their stories I will share mine.
[Goes on to say when he was young a female cousin two years older than him played around together but never had intercourse, and that this went on for a year or three.]

Now I am 22 years old. Sometimes when I think of my cousin, this experience pops into my head. Obviously, when I see her nowadays we never talk about it. Everything is normal between us like it never happened. Nothing is awkward and she is a great cousin.
That's good. That sort of thing isn't seen as problematic as when there is some sort of coercion or pressure involved. It is very common for siblings and cousins close in age to experiment while young.

There were also plenty of comments that we did publish. Here are some.
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Let's Network

There is a growing supportive network for people who are in, or have been in, consanguinamorous relationships, and their allies.

Despite how common these experiences and relationships are, people often feel alone, and sometimes they are very reluctant to reach out, or their lover or lovers do not want them to reach out for fear of persecution, prosecution, or some other negative result. However, there are many of us who would like to be in contact with you and will keep your confidence, as we've done for so many others, including these folks. So whether you have been involved, know someone who has, or are an ally who doesn't even know who around you has been involved, please reach out.

If you want to get in contact with me, you can do so by writing me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or contacting me on Facebook or on Twitter or on Tumblr.

We have a Public group on Facebook, I Support Full Marriage Equality, where you can find many friendly people even if you don't join the group, which is about ALL adult relationships.

Jane has a great blog and Tumblr and podcast.

Join Kindred Spirits, a free, supportive forum, for serious discussions of the issues surrounding consanguinamory.

So, bookmark, follow, join, and send messages as appropriate to join us. You're not alone, and you can make a difference!
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

We Stand With Transgender People

This blog supports the rights of all adults to live out their gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship diversities without being criminalized,  discriminated against, or bullied.

As such, our transgender friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors have our full support against prejudiced discrimination.

Some transgender people have risked and given their lives serving and protecting other people both professionally and of their own personal initiative. They have made invaluable contributions to humanity.

Whether identifying as cisgender, transgender, genderfluid, gender non-conforming, intersex, or some other term, people should not be discriminated against based on their gender. 
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Please Don't Leave

People who face discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry because of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or relationship diversities usually struggle at some point in their lives with the unjust limitations on their life as well as self-doubt and despair.

If you are in crisis or having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, I urge you to contact the appropriate resource for your location:

US: 1-800-273-8255 - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Recently, one of my contacts informed me that her reunion GSA partner took his own life. This is heartbreaking!

If you’re in such a state of mind yourself, please know that there is hope. Please do not harm yourself!!!

In addition to the hotlines linked above, you are always welcome to write to me. I’m not a licensed or trained therapist our counselor, but you can vent to me all you want. Unload. Scream. Growl. Cry. Do what you need to do to express your hurt and frustration. Is there one or more special someones in your heart? Tell me how much you love and want the person or people those around you say you shouldn’t. Tell me what you love about them. No condemnation from me... only support and understanding, and I never share with anyone else what someone shares with me privately. I can be reached at fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com at on Facebook at

Also, if you’re in a consanguinamorous relationship, have been, or are an ally, you should join us at Kindred Spirits, where you will find support and see that you’re not alone.


I know it can seem hopeless at times, but it isn’t. Things will get better. There are good times ahead.

Whatever your religious beliefs or lack thereof, this is the only life we can have absolute certainty that we have. Have you ever talked with a person who is in their 70s, 80s, 90s, or even older about how fast time has slipped by? Most of them will tell you that life is short. It feels like it has gone by in an instant. Life is short as it is, so please don’t make it shorter.

Please don’t leave.
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jane on Media Policy

Ah, the catch-22 of consanguinamory and media policy.

Journalists are eager to feature consanguinamorists, but many require documents and other evidence.

Very few consanguinamorists will provide such incriminating material, because most live where their love is still illegal.

Go see what Jane has to say.
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kentucky Still Criminalizing Consenting Adults

People tend to bring up Discredited Argument #18 when attempting to justify bigotry and discrimination against intrafamilial sex, including consanguinamory, but cases like this are an example of why that's a bogus argument.

reported at that two adults are facing "incest" charges for the victimless crime of having sex with each other, even though they are not blood relatives. This is happening in Kentucky.
A Henderson woman and her stepson are facing incest charges after an investigation which started in June on an unrelated incident.
Henderson police said Ashley Johnson, 29, contacted the police last month to report that her stepson, Isaiah Johnson, 20, 800 block of Kingsway Court, had punched her vehicle's windshield causing it to shatter. The next day, Johnson called the police again stating the windshield was being fixed and she didn't want to press charges, a news release said.
See, if there is a problem at all, it is that there appears to be a contentious situation. Shattering her windshield can easily escalate to shattering her jaw, if he actually did that.
While speaking with authorities, Ashley Johnson said she was Isaiah's stepmother and that she and her stepson were involved in a sexual relationship, a news release said.
There was absolutely no reason to tell the police that. People are often surprised that there are still laws in many places against consenting adults, especially steprelations, having sex, but there are. Protect yourselves!!!
City police said when questioned, Isaiah Johnson confirmed he was having sexual intercourse with his stepmother.
He shouldn't have said anything like that, either.
On Tuesday, Isaiah Johnson was arrested on warrants for incest, third-degree criminal mischief, harassment and two bench warrants for failure to appear in other cases.
Sounds like he has other issues. The "incest" charge is just piling on.
Henderson police said there is an active warrant on Ashley Johnson also for the charge of incest. This investigation is still open.
That's a waste of public resources and yet another example of why we need relationship rights, including full marriage equality, for all consenting adults. Here's how you can help.

Prosecute people for crimes that have actual victims. Stop wasting time prosecuting adults for being affectionate with each other and loving each other how they mutually agree. There are people everywhere, in every demographic, having sex with their potential, current, or former stepsibling or adult stepchild or stepparent. It is common enough that everyone knows people in these situations, whether they know it or not. Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive. It shouldn't be a matter for police or courts if adults are having sex. If people commit assault or vandalism or destruction of someone else's property, that's a real crime.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Game of Thrones is Back and So Is Prejudiced Commentary

Ariana Romero has an article at about "incest" being all over TV, with a headline asking if Game of Thrones is to blame for depictions of something that has always been a part of life.
The HBO fantasy epic is so serious about inappropriate family-member loving, the very first episode of the series, "Winter Is Coming," ends with Cersei (Lena Headey) and Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) having doggy-style sex in a tower and then flinging Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) out of said tower to keep their relationship hidden.
Let's be clear. Consensual (to be redundant) sex between adult siblings is not inappropriate. Cheating is inappropriate. Assault is inappropriate. Sex between consenting adults who aren't cheating is not inappropriate. Unless they're doing it on the dining room table in the the middle of a big family dinner when that sort of thing wasn't expected.
So, does that mean Thrones is to blame for the recent incest boom on television?
Consanguineous sex and relationships have always been in our stories (see The Bible, Greek mythology) because those things have always been a part of life.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Consenting Adults Still Being Prosecuted in Samoa

Deidre Tautua-Fanene reports at about another unjust and ridiculous prosecution of consenting adults for loving each other.
A brother and sister who became the subject of a Police investigation as a result of allegations of incest last month, have been charged.
Why? There is no victim to this "crime."
This was confirmed by Acting Assistant Commissioner Sala’a Moananu Sala’a.

“Police have completed their investigations and the brother and sister have been charged,” said Sala’a.

“The incident occurred in one of the villages in Savaii last month and it was the pastor who reported the incident to the Police at Vaito’omuli.

“They are scheduled to appear in Supreme Court for first mention on the 17th of July before Chief Justice, His Honor, Patu Tiavasu’e Falefatu Sapolu.
Do the right thing and throw this case out of court!
“According to the pastor, the brother and the sister go to the denomination that he looks after and he believes they are in a relationship,” Sala’a said.
“The brother is 26 years old while the sister is 18 years old.
So they are consenting adults. Leave them alone! They should be free to have sex, to hold hands, to live together, or to marry, if that's what they want.
At the moment, the brother is in custody while his sister is out on bail but has to sign in at the Vaito’omuli Police Station.
What a waste of resources! Every bit of time or money spent on such cases is time and money that could go to fighting real crimes, with actual victims.

It's another example of why full marriage equality is needed.
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Friday, July 7, 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ingrate Rats Out Lovers Over Relationship That Ended Decades Ago

Brittany Vonow had quite the interesting story at The Sun, which I obtained via a link. I'm aware that the people who write the news items often don't write the headline. But here's what the headline says...
UK woman turns in her parents after discovering they are siblings
Of course that caught our eyes, given the consanguinamorous relationship. On to the story...

Growing up, Donna Price’s childhood seemed as picture-perfect as any other happy youngster’s.
Just consider that. She had a great childhood.

Her mom and dad doted on her and her siblings, and to outsiders they seemed the perfect family
Sounds great.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Equality, Life, Liberty, and Happiness

Today is Independence Day in the US, considered our country's birthday. Connected to the day is the Declaration of Independence, which touts equality and notes that we have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

When the Declaration of Independence was written, equality was reserved for white, landowning, heterosexual, Christian males. Great strides have been made to extend equality to everyone else. As we know, equality just for some is not equality. In recent times, we have seen the death of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" for military service and we saw the burials of Prop H8 of at least part of DOMA, followed by many pro-equality court rulings ever since, now made even better with the Supreme Court ruling for the nationwide limited monogamous same-gender freedom to marry.

More people are coming out of the closet, and more allies are coming out in support of equality. More people are getting married, and now we have more polyamorous and polygamous people speaking up for their rights.

But we’re still on our journey. Equality, liberty, and the right to pursue happiness are, in many places in the US, and at the national government level, still denied to LGBT people. Even more so, these rights are denied to the polyamorous and the consanguinamorous.

Let’s keep moving forward so that an adult, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender, is free to pursue love, sex, residence and marriage with any and all consenting adults, and not be denied liberty, employment, housing, or anything else.

This isn't just a philosophical thing or a principle. There are people, good people, who are hurt by ongoing discrimination, prejudice, and ignorance. There are people just being themselves, hurting nobody, and people who are in loving, healthy relationships who are being denied their rights, who have to hide who they are or their love for each other, who constantly endure people proclaiming that the love they share is sick or disgusting or makes them worthy of being subjected to abuse or death. There are teenagers who have simply behaved as normal teenagers with each other and haven't hurt anybody (including each other or themselves) who are being lied to and told that nobody else is like them and they are depraved. That's no way to have to live, it certainly isn't liberty, and it squashes the pursuit of happiness.

They need to know they are not alone, and there's nothing wrong with them.

We need independence from hate and ignorance. So let's keep evolving America, and encourage other countries to do the same.
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