Recently a father and daughter were charged with two counts of third degree felony incest, both facing up to 5 years in prison. The father is 52 years old and the daughter is 24 years old. They both knew they were biologically related and it was a consensual relationship. The daughter was adopted as a child and then found her father when she was 21. They got to know each other and a year after they met, they started having sexual relations.

She is referring to this case in Utah.
If the incest is consensual should they still be tried?

No, they shouldn't. They should be free to be together and to marry, if that is what they want.
Would you condone this relationship if they truly loved each other even though they are related?

Of course I would.
Would you still consider it wrong if they didn't know they were blood related?

It isn't wrong even when people do know they are blood related.

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