Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lies and Damned Lies About GSA and Full Marriage Equality

This blog was cited in a article by Alexa Tsoulis-Reay on reunion Genetic Sexual Attraction between a father and daughter. The article went viral and many media personalities have spoken about it, from the usual anti-equality bigots, to others who apply double-standards to the situation, to people who are allies. [This entry is being bumped up after being posted a while ago.]

A few haters wrote to us. Some people who are experiencing GSA for themselves have contacted us. Both of those are things that tend to happen anyway. More media production staff have been contacting us, asking for people in consanguinamorous relationships who are willing to be on a show or in a series or documentaries.

So far, I haven’t seen the haters or bigots explain exactly what is wrong with consenting adults expressing their love for each other. The bigotry is giving way to equality and freedom and the haters are getting desperate. Doing the rhetorical equivalent of jumping up and down, gasping, and waving your hands around isn’t an argument.

From Alexa Tsoulis-Reay’s original article…
Consensual incest between fathers and their daughters remains the least reported and perhaps the most taboo sort of GSA relationship. Keith Pullman, who runs a marriage equality blog, has personally talked to over 20 GSA couples and notes that he’s only had a few father-daughter couples speak out, speculating that many of them fear that others will assume the daughter must have been abused in childhood…
The only quibble I have with that is that I’ve published interviews with people in about 20 GSA situations. I’ve communicated with many more people than that about their experiences with GSA. Not everyone wants to do an interview, of course. Just look at all of the hate these lovers are sent.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Sometimes the Ice Just Needs Breaking

Anonymous submitted this at this blog's sister Tumblr.
Hi, Keith. If a mother and son love each other and feel attraction between them, I see no reason they could not date or make love. Even if they just want to have casual sex. Many sons and mothers living together and dreaming about each other. They only need to break the ice to finally get closer as they intend!
Read how I responded.

OOPS! That link went away. Here's the text. I will have to restore the links, but I'll have to do that later.

There is no good reason why consenting adults who are right for each other should always deny each other, including mothers and adults sons or other relatives. (This includes step relatives.) They can share a sexual relationship that’s everything from very casual (such as “family-with-benefits”) to lifelong spousal-style relationships, and everything between. It is up to them what affections they will share and for how long. The options are almost endless.

Breaking the ice can be very difficult. A lot of people have managed, though.

While there are some who absolutely would never do anything with the other, there are many who would and some who actively desire it. You just don't know for sure until some steps are taken.

But before even getting to that point, someone should figure out if this is what they want.

People questioning their feelings might want to read this.

If you are questioning how someone else feels about you, read this,

Potential lovers may prefer to take things slowly.

Some more general advice about ice-breaking is here.

Then there’s what happens after everything starts. People have questions about dating others, living together, and keeping their secret.
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Friday, July 17, 2020

When Your Spouse Experiences GSA

Advice columns, especially ones focusing on relationships, get far more letters about consanguinamory and Genetic Sexual Attraction than they'll ever print, but sometimes one makes it through. This one is in the column for Deidre Sanders, Agony Aunt and under the title of "SIDELINED I’m uncomfortable with how close my wife and her half-brother have become."
A HALF-brother she knew nothing about recently got in touch with my wife. 
Now they talk for five or six hours a day, saying they love each other, while I’m the bad guy. 
I am 44, my wife is 39 and this half-brother is 37.
He tells us how this happened...
Her dad had an affair and this guy is the result. 
My wife’s mum was furious and banned her husband from mentioning his son. 
He paid maintenance but never saw the boy and never told my wife.
And that's one of many ways this happens.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Great Start To His Love Life

Consanguinamorous relationships can start at any age; some very late in life. But many between cousins and siblings start in their teens. Some are very short, some last a lifetime, and some are somewhere between, or are on-and-off again.

As this interview is being published, there are many people spending more time home with family members. Perhaps some of them will find this interview an inspiration? Or they can see this for some possibilities.

People in consanguinamorous relationships are everywhere, though consanguinamorists tend to be closeted. Fortunately, some are willing to be interviewed for this blog. As a result, Full Marriage Equality has featured scores of exclusive interviews with lovers denied the freedom to marry and have that marriage treated equally under the law.

The man interviewed below should've be free to legallmarry his partner, or simply to live together as lovers without having to hide, yet they couldn't. They weren't hurting anyone; why were they denied their rights? In much of the world, including where they lived, they could be criminally prosecuted for their love.

Read the interview below and see for yourself what this man has to say. You may think this relationship is interesting, or it might make you uncomfortable, or you might find it ideal, but whatever your reaction,why should lovers like be denied equal access to marriage or any other rights simply because they love each other this way?

NOTE: This interview contains brief talk about teen sex.


FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Describe yourselves.

Carlos: I am a Caucasian male living in Mexico City, I am single, about to be 40 years old, and I currently work as a civil engineer in a construction enterprise. Our parents worked very hard to give us a good education and opportunities, so you can say that we came from an upper middle class family. I like sports and video games and I have only one sibling; my sister Sara.

I consider myself to be average looking, about 1.77 meters tall, or 5-feet 9-inches, and a bit over my ideal weight.

Sara is one of those girls who developed early; all through her teens she looked older. So, she always was popular in school, unlike me. Now she is a beautiful woman, slim and the same height as me.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020