Sunday, June 3, 2012

Will Germany Move Towards Full Marriage Equality Soon?

It is just a matter of time before momentum for full marriage equality and general relationship rights for all consenting adults make equality commonplace in most of the civilized world. Germany has been in the news recently as a higher European court upheld the country's enforcement of its ridiculous and outdated laws against consanguinamory, but there is hope for change, according to this article, which says that Germany is evolving sexually. It cites Trend Update magazine.

The magazine, published by German think tank the Zukunftsinstitut, said that not only the lines of relationships but also those of gender identity were being blurred.

Fewer people are identifying themselves as in a traditional monogamous sexual relationship.

Rather, arrangements such as “friends with benefits”, “polyamory” and “scheduled sex” are becoming increasingly socially accepted.

“This is not a sexual revolution, but sexual evolution,” the report said.
Generally, this is a good thing. People are being who they are, rather than conforming to some outside imposition upon their love lives and identities. If someone is heterosexual and needs monogamy, they should have the freedom to find that. If someone is LGBT or needs polyamory or is in a consanguinamorous relationship, they should also be free to be themselves and to have the relationships in which they will best function.

Long-lived sexual hang-ups are being discarded as in particular online dating and other virtual meeting places enable people to connect with others who want in the same way they do.

The internet has created a public platform for even the most unusual of lifestyle choices, which previously would have remained under wraps – dampened by strict social rules.
This is happening in many other countries, not just Germany. It will continue until an adult, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, is free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults, without prosecution, persecution, or discrimination. Let's make it happen sooner rather than later!
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