Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polyamorists at Reddit Asked About Consanguinamory

Over at, someonewrongonthenet asked in a Polyamory section for thoughts on consanguinamory, referencing this blog. The discussion quickly turned to inbreeding, with many people expressing that consanguinamory should not be illegal, but that consanguinamorous couples should not make babies. Actually, that is a position that many people in consanguinamorous relationships have.
Been stretching my mind out lately on controversial topics lately, trying to rid myself of my remaining biases.
Does /r/polyamory support the legalization of consensual incest and incestuous marriage marriage? Even if supporting legalization, would you support someone close to you who was in a consanguinamorous relationship? Would you push for cultural acceptance of the practice? Would you support the right of such unions to have biological children? If not...are you against eugenics? What's the moral distinction between outlawing inbreeding and supporting eugenics?

My position is currently one of overall support for legal support and removal of the cultural taboo, but I do feel hesitant when biological children are involved. I can't claim I'm completely opposed to eugenics in principle, although I feel we don't currently have the knowledge of genetics needed to effectively implement it. If asked personally, I would strongly suggest adoption to lovers in this scenario. But somehow, outlawing inbreeding altogether feels like it oversteps some basic rights and boundaries. We don't outlaw smoking and drinking while pregnant, even if we morally disapprove. Seems like a double standard for us to outlaw inbreeding.

I'd like to here some intelligent thoughts on the topic. Hopefully we can hear from at least one person who has experienced this firsthand.
And, perhaps as a separate but somewhat related would you react if one of your metamours was a close relative? How many degrees away could you go before the "squick factor" kicked in? I was surprised to find a visceral rejection of the idea within myself for some reason...but then I realized how irrational that was and the instinct slowly began to recede away.
Fortunately, when people think it through, most realize there is no reason to deny relationship rights to the consanguinamorous.

For reference, people should see my answers to the usual arguments against full marriage equality and relationship rights for all.
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