Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Get Letters that Shed Light on News Items

You may recall my coverage of a news item from earlier this year that was lacking some important information. A 36-year-old man was "accused of fathering a child with a teenage relative in 2010 received a 10-year prison sentence..." As it turns out, "accused" was a word used on purpose for the article. As I noted, the charges were "incest" not rape.

These comments were left by "Anonymous." I have edited them to clean up typing errors.
I was 16. No DNA test was shown or handed out to me or my father. We have asked on and on. They of course said yes but, they made an excuse not to. I have never seen it, nether has he. The judge only took DCS's side. They took proof from another teen (used to be friend). She ran her mouth saying lies and then bam !!!!!!!!! This s--- happens.
I don't remember by the way if we did or not, I was still going through hell and back.... and doing things I shouldn't have done... I still love my father, that will never change! And you are the only one that caught my eye; you're not dogging him. Thank you very much. If we did I'm going to deny I was a victim, period. He was never sexual towards me, ever!
Anonymous, feel free to leave comments and to contact me via email or Facebook.

Her comments greatly clarify the situation. The convicted man is her father. She was 16. The age of consent in Indiana is generally 16, though 16 and 17-year-olds can't legally consent to sex with a guardian. We have a troubled man (war veteran with PTSD and alcohol abuse) and a troubled teenager. She doesn't even know if they had sex, so she doesn't feel like a victim; he hadn't previously behaved in an inappropriate manner towards her. That the report says he was "accused" of fathering a child with her, not proven to have done so, and her comments about not being given proof of that indicate to me that he did not get her pregnant. Rather, someone else did and it is entirely possible her father never had sex with her. How credible, really, was the witness? Do we have another example of someone taking a deal even though they aren't guilty because the alternative is too much of a risk?

Is this a good use of law enforcement and correctional resources? There are 16-year-olds out there who are being traumatized by their rapist fathers and stepfathers who repeatedly rape them. That's not what happened here. It's a very sad situation.
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  1. This is so sad anon, I'm so sorry this all happened to you D:. Just know that you aren't alone, there are others who have been wrongfully accused of things they have not, or may not have committed.

    I wish the best and that everything turns out well for the both of you <3

    Keith and others, you should really see the frontline documentary "Confessions", it's not exactly like what sort of happened here, but it relates to the fact that the DNA evidence was never used, even though it proved that the men in the documentary were not guilty of any crime. It's really quite interesting, and scary...a scandal really, and it makes me wonder how many others are behind bars or charged without having DNA being used as evidence :/

  2. What proof is there that "Anonymous" is this man's daughter?

    1. None, really. Just like we don't know who you are.

    2. Yes, but I'm not the one making extraordinary claims without the requisite proof.

    3. She, or someone claiming to be her, left her name and email address in a comment just a few hours ago, which I have since removed. The name and email address are associated with a Facebook account that has many pictures of her and her child, and names her high school. The defendant is listed as one of her friends. So now I have good reason to believe it is her, or someone who is familiar with the case since her name, which isn't the same as the defendant's, wasn't in the media.

  3. my father is in my pictures to.. if you look at his mug shot you will see his pic and he is listed as my father. you are free to add me if you would like, it is alright if you don't.


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