Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Almost Showtime

Alan at the excellent blog Polyamory in the News has covered the announcement that Showtime will soon premiere a major reality TV series, "Polyamorous".
We've known for months that the Showtime network was preparing a reality series to be called "Polyamory"; the BermanBraun production company leaked it in some of their self-promotion materials early this year. And we've known that well-known poly activist and tantra teacher Kamala Devi and her extended family were occupied by a big project that they could not talk about.

Now two and two are officially put together, the lid is off, and Showtime is airing trailers for the show. It's called "Polyamorous: Married and Dating" and premieres July 12th.

This series has the potential to make more people aware of polyamory, reduce ignorance, and increase support for poly relationship rights.
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  1. Yay!! :D Though I'm not one for reality or drama tv shows anymore. I got so bored of them. V__V I think I have been craving some humor :P and comedy central should be a good cure for that ^_^


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