Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautiful Love

At the Kindred Spirits forum, the deep bonds of love are evident in how the forum participants write about their relationships and the people they love the most.

One woman wrote...
The one thing I would change is that I wish my nephew and I would have "gone there" much earlier.

We have always had feelings for each other, even as little kids. When we were teens was when I first felt it the strongest. But then we fell out of touch. We got back in touch about 8 years ago. He showed up at my parent's house at the same time I was visiting them. I told myself after I left that I was going to get his phone number from my brother (his father) and really open up to him. I chickened out.

But a year and a half ago I finally got the courage to admit my feelings for him. He was so relieved because he had always felt the same way and thought that I didn't. (When I was 14 and he was 13, he, my father and I went on a two week vacation together and during that trip he tried to kiss me and I punched him in the stomach.)

Now, that I'm 38 and he is 37, I feel like I wasted so much time with others. Here I was looking for my soul mate all this time and he was right in my own backyard.

Another woman wrote about her brother...

That alone is the beauty of our type of relationship. I have known Gary since the day I was born, so yeah you not only learn how brother and sister are together, but when you enter a relationship together, you have such a deeper understanding of each other, that a lot of normal couples would not have.

As my lovely man rightly puts it, we have a trichetra bond, one of being brother and sister, another of blood tying us together, and finally a bond of deep love and understanding, and that is something that really is so special to hold onto.
She adds that their parents are supportive...

Luckily mum and dad are very accepting of our relationship, after all it was them that helped guide us into being the couple we are today. They know that Gary is the only love I have ever had, and will ever have, they know we are still in as much love as all those years ago. The difficulty lies with the fact they we are their son and daughter, and this is when things can slip out. I have to keep reminding them that sometimes I am his 'wife', after all I wear a ring on my finger from him.

It was our family that were there when, as we knew we could never actually marry, were by our side 12 years ago when at the side of Loch Torridon, we held a real old fashioned highland commitment ceremony, promising to love each other for life. Nobody else, just us and the family.

So I can never fault them for helping us to be the couple we are today, they have been here when we needed them, and supported us every inch of the way.
A woman who is in a consanguinamorous relationship with her father wrote...

The sad part for me is that when you go out in public people look at you and wish they had the type of love we have. They wish their significant other would look at him/her the way we look at each other.

If someone knows you and/or finds out it is gross and bad and all the other stupid labels.

Still one minute of the love and bond that we have would over whelm them to the point of never being happy again...(most anyway) sometimes the "normal" people get lucky too......
She adds...
When 2 people have what most of us have it is a great feeling and people want to be like us...We laugh on the inside because most people do not know we are in a F/D relationship. and they ask us how long we have been together and that they hope they can meet someone who makes them as happy as we are.
Why should there still be laws in so many places that not only deny these couples the freedom to marry, but criminalize their love? They have loving, lasting, happy relationships and they certainly aren't hurting anyone. Laws and bigotries against consensual adult incest are what does harm.

If you are in a consanguinamorous relationship, want to be, or have been, or if you are interested in knowing more about these relationships or meeting the people who are in them, I can't think of a better forum than Kindred Spirits.

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  1. They are so fine with their relationship.
    The punishment of CONSENSUAL incest protects no victims, spends public money and hurts the peolple involved, why is still illegal?!

  2. Aww, all of these people sound so beautiful and sweet. I give much kudos to the father daughter one especially. I would assume their would be an noticeable age gap and that would make it easier to find out about it. They are all very strong people :P

    I wouldn't doubt that a lot of naysayers against marriage equality don't find or have the same type of love in their partner that these people do, and they envy them.

    1. Vegan, that is probably the case. There are things we can all learn from each other.


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