Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Reason the German Law Against Consanguinamory is a Sham

Michael Owens, prompted by the recent court decision we wrote about here, writes "Incest laws in Germany may be a bit outdated." Just a bit.

Patrick appealed to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) arguing that his basic rights were violated and that Germany should not have been allowed to punish two consenting adults for their sexual activities. But the ECHR ruled that Germany could punish them for incest, and that Germany's laws against incest were also permissible.

But the reasoning behind the decision by the court has perhaps asked more questions than it has answered
It sure did.

Germany's law on incest is quite peculiar. If a woman would like to be artificially inseminated by the sperm of a lineal relative, i.e. by a brother or her father, this is allowed. But if she becomes pregnant through coitus (sexual intercourse), this is outlawed. The law is actually a law against sex between two consenting adults.
Interesting. I wasn't aware of the artificial insemination law. That shows the law against consensual sex to be even more of a sham. There is no reason to criminalize consanguinamory or deny consanguinamorous adults the freedom to marry.

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  1. So in Germany it's possible to have children between close relatives by insemination, but sex between close relatives (even if they're homosexual or unable to have children) is forbidden...


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