Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adults Prosecuted in New Zealand for Consensual Sex

From comes this news item of consanguinamory that might have been initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction...
A 32-year-old man and his 18-year-old daughter have admitted having an incestuous relationship. 
An 18 year-old having sex with a 32 year-old is not big news. But do the math. How old was he when he had the sex she from which she was conceived? To me, that has the potential for an actual criminal case, depending on how old the female was.

The two people appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday charged with committing incest between August 2010 and May this year, knowing of their relationship as parent and child.
So they are both being charged as criminals? Who is the victim then???

Information in the summary was that the man fathered his daughter when he was 14 years old.

Because of his age at the time of the girl's birth, he had little contact with her until she was about 16.
He had been told he was the girl's father.

When the girl was a teenager, she was made aware of the identity of her father.

The father made contact with his daughter's family in 2010. A visit was arranged and, after several more visits, the father moved into his daughter's family's home. 
During that time, a relationship developed between the two which became a sexual relationship in August 2010.

Sounds like GSA to me. Who had a problem with the relationship?

The girl and her family moved south early last year and her father moved with them.

The sexual relationship continued, resulting in the birth of a child.

After a complaint to the police, both were interviewed last month and freely admitted their sexual relationship and that they knew they were biological father and daughter. 
It is okay to lie to avoid unjust prosecution. Unjust laws should be thwarted. I wonder who made the complaint?
The young woman said she was in love with the man, her father, and they had been living as husband and wife.
They have a child now. Let them be a family! Stop the insanity of prosecuting people for consensual sex. Let them marry, if they want to legally marry. Notice the article does not say the child has any problems, and I'm sure law enforcement and the journalist would have passed that information along. So the child is probably healthy and these adults should be allowed to live their lives together without prosecution, bullying, or discrimination.
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  1. If she's 18 now, she was 16 when the relationship began.

    Not ok.

    The real tragedy here is that their kid will be taken into care and raised in the system by foster parents, virtually guaranteeing that he or she will be emotionally clusterfucked as an adult.

    1. The age of consent in NZ is 16. Even if the sex started immediately, it would be legal if he had no genetic connection to her. It seems like everybody was okay with the relationship except perhaps one rat, who could be acting out of jealousy.

  2. Jealousy is the last emotion that normal people feel when confronted with a sexual relationship between a grown man and his teenage daughter.

    1. It has happened before. She is only his daughter genetically. They should be left to love each other and raise their child.

  3. im in love with my father, i first meet him when i was 15 we had sex when i was 16 and now he is in prison. it wasn't like he stuck a gun to my head, and here in indiana, you can have sex at 16. we had a child, a babygirl, who is beautiful. Now i'm strugaling to get my daughter back. i'm lost and your the only one who truely understands !

    1. Sounds like Genetic Sexual Attraction. I'm sorry you are going through all this. What matters most of all is your daughter. Feel free to contact me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or facebook/fullmarriageequality and always feel free to comment here on the blog.


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