Monday, June 11, 2012

When Consanguinamory is a Topic For a Discussion

Consanguinamory (consensual incest) is a topic that pops up from time to time in discussion boards, often because of a news item or because someone asks a variation of the very good questions "Why is consensual incest considered wrong?" or "Why is consensual incest illegal?" There will almost always be the completely unhelpful responses of "ew!" and the like, but sometimes there will be some good discussion and minds will be opened. In my desk clearing, I wanted to link two discussions. The first is from

ren started it...
Heres my opinion on Incest. Take it or leave. Ello. Heres a little information: The chances of a genetic mutation occurring in a baby born from cousin/cousin incest is the same % as a woman 40 years of age or older having a baby born with a genetic mutation:5 %. Yet it's not illegal for women 40 and older to have children why? Brother/sister and father/daughter genetic mutation chance is a 7% increase. What right does a complete stranger have to tell 2 consenting ADULTS what they can and can not do with there lives? My view on Incest is the same with lgbt rights: If it harms none why make it illegal?

La responded...
I still think incest is gross. It's not mentally healthy to have that kind of relationship either. People need diversity in their lives.

I am also disapproving of women over 40 having kids, but that's never going to be illegal.....I'd be perfectly okay if it was though.
See, the real slippery slope is in letting strangers have the power to interfere in the love lives of adults. A few allies registered their support for equality.

Over at, AutumnButterfly wrote...

Why is incest, in and of itself bad? Yes, I know that there is a certain 'ew' factor and that any children resulting from incestuous relationships have a good change of being deformed or have issues in some way because their genes are too close, but why is it illegal?

If a father is sleeping with his young daughter, it's rape...doesn't matter if it incest or not, it's rape. so why is incest illegal?

If it's because a child may result and have issues...children are born everyday with genetic disorders, many known by the parents that it could happen, but that isn't illegal.

Is there a good reason why incest is illegal?
The answer is that there is no good reason why it is still illegal in some places. But of course there were the typical Discredited Arguments offered in response. There were also these two interesting responses I saw...

My 25 year old neighbour and her mom like to have threesomes.
With each other.
I don't think there is any sort of power trip there...
They are both exhibitionists, and like te extra attention


My old neighbor's were brother and sister and had a child together.  They were adopted so not genetically related.  She was adopted by the family when she was 1 and was 24 when the relationship started. he was adopted when he was 9 and he was 17 when the relationship started.  He ststaes that he has been in love with her since the first time he saw her and knew  that was who he wanted to marry.  It was kinda weird but they are nice as can be.
That can't be called consanguinamorous, since that word refers to blood relation, but can still fall under the general category of consensual incest.

As a reminder, I give supporters of equality permission (encouragement, really) to paraphrase, quote, or copy & paste what I've written here, especially on the page with answers to Discredited Arguments when you are in discussions about, consanguinamory, relationship rights and full marriage equality.


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