Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From Those Who Have Lived It

Genetic Sexual Attraction is a real and powerful phenomenon. Here are some quotes from people have have experienced GSA. I found a compilation at

"The intensity of the emotions with GSA are unbelievable. Seemingly well-adjusted adults find themselves in way over their heads in an alarmingly short amount of time." -5Kmom

"None of us asked for this GSA. And none of us should be condemned because of it. Some of us were able to see the consequences before we acted on our feelings - and some of us were not. It doesn't make us bad people. Just good people who have encountered an unusual situation and made choices that resulted in outcomes we could not see at the time because our vision was clouded." -5Kmom

"Unless someone has actually experienced GSA, you cannot understand the power it has over you. We recognize our kin, visually, olfactory, audibly. There is an instant and powerful drive to bond with this person, just as there is a very strong urge for a mother to take up her child and hold it close, smell it, feel it, and intimately know every finger, toe, every curve of its face." - Victor/Metratr0n

"I do not condone cheating. I would prefer that if a GSA couple were to act on their desires, that they at least do the decent thing and wait until they have both broken things off with their current partners. But I know from experience how hard that is to is so confusing and it doesn't leave them with the sense that they are cheating. Rather, they are trying to capture what was denied to them their whole life....something that should have been their right.....a close relationship with their kin." - Victor/Metratr0n

"There is a level of "obsession" with GSA. You've found a piece of your genetic history and it's hard, really hard, to let it go now that you've found it." - Victor/Metratr0n

"In my opinion it make little difference what the combination is within the GSA experience. At the core of this is a yearning of the soul to reconnect with its lost self. A piece has been missing for whatever reason....and it appears that you have found that missing piece of you. Like finding the other half of yourself, your soul mate, your twin soul, your.......... (insert your own version of appropriate word here.)" - cbcPaul

"I compare GSA to something magical that actually made me believe in love again, brought a smile to my face, and gave me hope." --LostNtime

"GSA is totally strong. It does affect the brain in so many ways. The way I rationalize it is that we know we are suppose to love this person we meet, and we feel that bond. However, our subconscious doesn't recognize them as a relative. So, we as normal humans, do what comes natural for humans to do when they love that strong, and even though we say it with our mouths, our subconscious doesn't see them as relatives." -LostNTime

"Just take things day by day..and drink in the healing nectar of this special Love. These kind of relationships hold a great depth and can be extremely nourishing to the souls of the two people involved. For NOW you two have found something special in each other, so honor that, relish that, and be Happy..." Lost Sister

"This kind of love can be the strongest two humans will ever feel, but it can exact a heavy price. It takes a lot of nerve to defy societal norms, state laws, religious commandments, and biologically-ingrained taboo stretching back to pre-human times. The penalties for such a defiance are quite real and severe, from being shunned by friends and family, loss of jobs, broken marriages, and even (if sex is involved) prison time." ~Osiris

"GSA need not be a negative experience. Within there is a lot of positivity that if embraced can have the negativity running with its tail between its legs." ~ Communityawareness

"GSA is sooo very hard to live with, yet it is the most soul fulfilling love i can imagine. Forbidden love, yet intoxicating love." ~Little Lover Kitty

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