Friday, June 1, 2012

More Family Tree Stuff

And it is more desk clearing. Yesterday, I blogged about a feature film actress who found out ancestors of hers were first cousins in addition to being a couple.

Back in April, there was this tongue-in-cheek piece, "A Drop of Incest," in which the writer explains...

I discovered something rather startling the other day.

For a while now I have been delving into the old family trees on both my mother’s and my father’s side.

I have discovered I am related to myself.

You see, there was this chappie called Abraham John Le Mesurier who was born on Gurnsey back in 1748.  He was the one who started it all.  If he hadn’t existed, then nor would I, but twice over.

On my mother’s side, he was my Great Great Great Grandfather.

But on my father’s side, he was my Great Great Great Great Grandfather.

I figure that makes his parents fourth cousins, once removed. That is hardly incest, and yet he uses the word "inbreeding." There could very well be a closer relation between his ancestors that he hasn't discovered yet. I understand it was supposed to be a light piece, but I do not appreciate the perpetuation of the myths and stigmas about consanguinamory (jn the portions I did not quote.)
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