Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Straight, Or Not, Into Compton

Not safe for work (NSFW) is this at This blog previously covered the Peters Twins. Cedric DeWittison notes another pair of brothers into practicing consanguinamory on-camera.
Chris and Charlie Compton are brothers, who have sex with each other, but they aren’t twins. We got all hot and hard for the Peters Twins, but twincest somehow became the norm. Now, what about these two relations?
In a video over at Drake Rock called Compton’s First Gay Experience, the brothers explore their gay side with site owner Drake.
Most people involved in consanguinamory would never agree to appear on video recorded for others to see. But as with any other consensual adult sex, some people are willing to do it on-camera. That should be their choice.
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  1. I forgot to read the "not safe for work" warning label O______O. I'd recommend putting warnings in bolder or different colored text.


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