Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Question of Kardashian Consanguinamory Raised Again

Erin Anthony at apparently considers locking arms and drinking to be a form of sex. The headline to her recent blurb was the eye-catching "Kim Kardashian's Sexy Incestuous Threesome With Rob and Mystery Woman."

Kim Kardashian HD 11x17 Photo Poster Busty Naked #12 HDQKim Kardashian was kind enough to post a photo of her enjoying a threesome with her own brother! Shock alert!
It would be quite shocking for her to have posted such a picture. But as we seen, the statement is terribly misleading...
Thankfully, the sexy photo of Kim, Rob and a mystery woman wasn't totally incestuous. It just showed Kimmy and her brother enjoying drinks during dinner. You know how those Kardashians roll, they keep you guessing.
Yes, you know, siblings never have dinner and drinks together unless they are having sex, too. (Do you see my eyes rolling?)
The photo was posted to the main Kardashian diva's Instagram page and tweeted out via her Twitter account. It shows Kardashian with her long locks pulled up in a tight bun and her arm interlocked with her sibling's as they drank their beverages.

The other person in the photo has her face hidden behind her hair but chances are she's another Kardashian/Jenner sibling. Notably missing from the dinner was Kimmy's latest celebrity squeeze: Kanye West who's rocking in Paris.
If the Kardashians are consanguinamorous, I wonder how many times West has interrupted them? Seriously, I have noted this kind of coverage of the Kardashians before.

I would be very happy if a family having the attention, following, and platform of the Kardashians would actually come out as consanguinamorous or at least whisper from the closet so as to make it an open secret, which would greatly help the plight of sibling lovers. Blurbs like this could be plants from the Kardashians themselves as the early stages of just such a thing.

Or, these blurbs could be just people like Anthony trying to get cheap attention. And it works.

Siblings should be free to be affectionate with each other, whatever forms that affection takes.
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