Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Allies for Polygamy at Mamapedia

If it became legal to practice polygamy or polyandry, would you do it? Not just one man with several wives, polygamy, but also one woman with several husbands, polyandry. (Thanks Mira)

I'm asking for the sake of conversation because of something I was watching online. :)
Once again, "polygamy" includes polyandry (multiple men, one woman) and polygyny (multiple women, one man) as well as three or more women, three or more men, or multiple men and multiple women.

L.G. from Seattle is an ally, and an eloquent one at that...
I don't really see the big deal with polygamy/polyandry.

First of all I don't reallt care what other consenting adults do in their private lives.

Second many people equate polygamy with having sex with several people at the same time (threesomes and such). Most people in polyamourous relationships don't actually have sex with all of their partners at once and even if they did... what do I care? (see #1)
Third, we already effectively allow polygamy. There are no laws against a man or a woman having more than one relationship at a time. Yes, you can only MARRY one other person, but you can sleep with, produce children with and share your home with as many people as you want! There are already plenty of couples in "open marriages".

So, would be be for me? Probably not. But if that's what someone else wants... I don't really care.
V.W. from Minneapolis is another ally...
Would I want more than one husband? While it's a very interesting thought, I'm going to have to say 'no' on that one.

Am I against other people having multiple wives and/or husbands? If they are all happy with the situation, then who am I to judge?
Monogamy works for some, but not for all. And adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or religion, should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults.
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  1. Allies are always good ^^
    I really don't understand why there are so many people against polygamy and polyamory.


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