Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Moms Talk Plural Marriage

It is interesting to see the topics that pop up at This time, it is plural marriage, prompted by "Sister Wives." "Plural marriage" is usually used to refer to a polygynous form of polygamy in which some Mormons participate. As I have pointed out before, the largest Mormon denomination, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints officially renounced this practice as something for this lifetime in the late 19th century, although from what I understand there is always the possibility that their leadership can announce new revelation restoring the practice. It is some other, much smaller Mormon denominations that currently do it.

It is the position of this blog that an adult, regardless of religion, gender or sexual orientation, should have the legal right to marry any consenting adults.

Ms.KitKat asked in a poll, "What are your thoughts on Plural Marriage?"
I have been watching Sister Wives, a reality(?) show on TLC. The show features and follows a family of 1 husband, 4 wives and 16 chidlren. They are one big happy family. They are Mormons and belong to the Fundalmentalist church who believe in living plural marriage ( 1man, mulitiple wives and hence, many chidlren).

They were run out of their home state for violating Bigamy laws there.

So, I was just wondering, what is your take on this lifestyle? Is it even a lifestyle? or a relgion? Our next president might be a morman- does that have any bearing on your vote/views? Do you think this family (and others like them) have the right to live their life as they see fit? or are they breaking the law and should be prosecuted?

I'd like to hear from you (especially those of you who are living the plural life!) before I add my 2 cents.
 There were over a hundred replies when I saw it. This one is from an ally...

I actually support plural marriage for others.  I don't want sister wives and I'm not of the religious belief that it is necessary but I do understand that others do feel religiously compelled to the lifestyle and I legalizing it could actually help cut the current abuses that we see from the likes of Warren Jeffs.

Another ally... 

I could never EVER be a part of a plural marriage. I am only for my husband and he is only for me. But I would never say that it shouldn't be allowed. People find happiness in all different kinds of ways.

Not what I would do, but why is it the business of the government to ban it if everyone is an adult
I personally don't care how many wives there are as long as they are of legal age, not being forced into marriage, and are treated decently... Personally, no way in hell would I live a polygamous lifestyle but if others choose to (and are not forced to), it really doesn't make a difference to me.
From a hopeful participant...

It is my religious belief. I hope to have a sister wife one day.

Someone objected...
(whether I get bashed I'll say this) I believe its cultish.
Another possible hopeful...
I am for it. I might even do it one day if we so choose.
Another ally...
I believe that every consenting adult should have the freedom to marry who and however many people they want. I choose monogamy for myself, but I think that everyone should be allowed the freedom to choose when it comes to marriage.
Someone explained...
The bottom line is that polygamy never should have been made illegal in the first place.  The only reason it was had everything to do with religious persecution.  Our country should be ashamed and strike that law from all states.  The government should not be able to tell a person who they can or cannot marry, regardless of gender or number.
I didn't go through all of the responses, but there were many from allies. It appears that the Browns of "Sister Wives" are opening the hearts of many.
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