Wednesday, March 28, 2012

War Veteran Sent to Prison on Incest Charges in Indiana

Once again, not enough information has been provided by journalists, and probably not enough was provided by the authorities, too. From comes Aubrey Woods’ report on the sentencing of Michael B. Buckner…
A 36-year-old Seymour man accused of fathering a child with a teenage relative in 2010 received a 10-year prison sentence Friday in Jackson Circuit Court.
“Teenage” can mean 13 or it can mean 19. That’s a big difference.
“You took advantage of a situation,” [Judge Bill] Vance told Buckner as he was imposing the sentence.
And…? A 36-year-old, whatever gender, can “take advantage” of consent for sex from an adult of any age, of whatever gender, without it being a criminal matter, or necessarily a bad thing. Vance no doubt “took advantage” of access to law school.
Buckner received two five-year prison terms after pleading guilty to two counts of incest, a Class C felony. The state agreed to dismiss a third count. He also received 284 days credit and 284 days of credit time.
Notice the charges were incest, not rape. If this was rape, he should have been prosecuted for rape. If this was consensual sex, this criminal case should never have existed in the first place.
Buckner said he was not a bad guy and that he wants to try to make things better for all involved, including the child he fathered.
Prosecuting someone for consensual sex no way helps their child. Notice that nothing is written about the child having any problem due to the consanguity of the parents.
Buckner said alcohol and post-traumatic stress from his time in Iraq with the military were factors in his actions.
If this was consensual sex, he should not have to offer any explanation.

The age of consent in Indiana is generally 16, though if Buckner was considered a custodian or guardian, he could be prosecuted if she was 16 or 17. But we don’t know her age, other than her been a teen. We only know that he was charged with “incest,” not any form of assault or molestation. That makes this look like consensual sex, in which case any prison sentence, especially ten years, is ridiculous. Is this any way to treat a war veteran?
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  1. Grrr...journalists V_V Maybe they are trying to withold info, because if they post that it was a consensual case and yet they are being prosecuted, more people might question the whole thing. People would have to reevaluate their prejudices. And we all no that's a "no-no" *roll eyes*

    Anyway, hi! =D How you doing Keith?! Been a bit, I know! Been trying new things, expanding my horizons and such, but I haven't, and never will forget about all my wonderful marriage equality friends! :x

    I hope you have opened a few more minds, stayed strong, and kept your mature, respectable tone throughout your arguments.( I know it can be hard when things get a bit heated! Patience is key!, or just move on :)) Keep up all the good work, it has paid off, and your constant drive to help those on the sharp end of the stick is inspiring! :)

  2. i was 16, no dna test was shown or handed out to me or my father. we have asked on and on. they of corse said yes but, they mad an excuse not to. i have never seen it, nether has he. the judge only took dsc's side. they took proff of a nother teen (used to be friend) she ran her mouth saying lies and then bam !!!!!!!!! this shit happens.

  3. and i dont remember bye the way if we did or not, i was still going threw hell and back.... and doing things i shouldnt of done... i still love my father, that will never change ! and you are the only one that cot my eye, your not dogging him. thank you very much if we did im going to diny i was a victom. period. he was never sexual tords me. ever !

    1. Anonymous, I am so sorry that all of this has happened to you. Feel free to comment anywhere on the blog and email me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or find me on facebook/fullmarriageequality

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