Friday, March 16, 2012

Some People Are Obsessed With Kardashian Consanguinamory Part II

Well, it is really part III, if you count what I wrote in January. As I noted earlier today, some people are obsessed with the idea of the Kardashians being involved in consensual incest. Actually, I think there is a high level of repressed interest in consanguinamory in general (in no small part because of secret participation), and since the Kardashians are young reality TV stars, there will be some people who mix their interest in consanguinamory to their interest in the Kardashians. It makes for attention-grabbing headlines. See Erin Anthony's report, "Kim Kardashian Questioned by Khloe Kardashian Over Rob, Incest and Deserted Islands."

On Wednesday afternoon, the Kardashian sisters got into it on Twitter when Kim's reply to a question raised red flags in Khloe's mind. Kimmy K was asked by @daisy_sara, "If you were stranded on a deserted island who is the one person you would take with you?"

The reality queen replied with, "Rob maybe"

Not soon after, Khloe piped up with, "@KimKardashian why rob? LOL incest is not best baby girl LOL"

There's nothing wrong with siblings wanting to be together, in whatever sense of the word that means. They are adults. People need to drop their prejudices against sibling relationships, consanguinamorous or otherwise.
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