Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People Still Talking About the Lingerie Ad

Barbie Davenporte at has blogged about the lingerie ad we’ve covered before. In “Mother/Daughter Lingerie Modeling. Sweet or Incestuous?” she calls the mother “MILF material” and writes…

Upon further analysis (being sure not to get distracted by the beauty of both women) their mutual mannerisms are nothing beyond family-style. A hug; lying awkwardly presumably to show off the ensembles; uncomfortably - side by side; standing in the same room.

No scissoring, no kissing, no deep longing gazes into each other's eyes. Where's the incest, guys?

It’s good to see what I consider positive response to the ads. The ads also seem to be very successful in attracting interest, which is the goal of any advertisement.

My one quibble with Davenporte is that “sweet” and “incestuous” are not mutually exclusive. Consanguinamory is often very sweet.
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