Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sister Reunited With Twin Brother Has Questions is a new one to me, but the other day I found this over there from Abracamon

I recently lost my virginity to my twin brother. We didn't really mean for it to happen, it just did. Now i'm feeling confused, I know that it was wrong but it didn't feel that way and I feel like maybe I love my brother as more than a brother. I can't go to my mom for advice, ofcourse, so i'm asking for it here.
Was what we did really wrong? And what should I do about these confusing feelings?

In response to some questioning, she later added that she’s a 16-year-old female and that she and her brother were separated at birth. She didn’t know she had a twin brother until she was 14 and her mother and father got back together.

This could just be an issue of common teenage consanguinamory, where raging hormones, proximity, convenience, bonding, and trust contributed to a situation that is not uncommon: teen siblings having sex, even though they didn't plan it out ahead of time. Genetic Sexual Attraction could also be involved, given the separation, but I’d have to know more about her previous feelings to conclude it was GSA. Regardless, they haven’t done anything wrong or rare.

Jespah responded…

I am often inclined, with topics like this, to declare it a fake topic. And perhaps others will say that, and maybe it is. So instead of an incest topic, I am going to answer it as a teenaged sex topic.

People have hormones. Hormones often pull us around and push us into actions that, if we were not so influenced, we would not do, or at least we would think twice about. I am not saying that the mind or desire are not to blame – but…you are in hormone overload. You met up with the first possible sex partner you could have (and, perhaps, so did he), and so hormones took control and there you are.

Unless they’re living alone on an island, either one of them could have had sex with others; this is not about not having other options.


Something's not right here. If you knew he was your brother, and he knew you were his sister, how did this get into a sexual thing? Usually, the "ick" brakes would be applied just about now.

“If you knew he was a male, and he knew you were male, how did you get into a sexual thing?” It’s called attraction. Just because Punkey doesn’t feel it for his or her sibling doesn’t mean nobody else is attracted to theirs.

It seems like there were no healthy boundaries between you two.

What is unhealthy about consensual sex with someone you love?

Don't confuse this as "love" for him.

Punkey must have some scary magic powers to be able to know that this can’t possibly be about love.

It is so sad that young people reach out to try to understand what is going on, and get attacks fueled by prejudice and ignorance. Who better for her to explore with? Some classmate she barely knows, or who doesn't really care about her? Some random guy at a party? A boyfriend who will be going off to a far-away college in a year or two? This is someone she can trust and love and can always have in her life. Whether they never have sex with each other again or develop a lifelong spousal relationship, they should not be bullied nor prosecuted for such sexual and social choices.
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  1. Her confusion is understandable, but only because her feelings tell her one thing while society tells her something else. She is not wrong to enjoy a sexual relationship with her brother, the only thing now is for her and her brother to decide what kind of relationship they want.


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