Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Note From the Closet

At, Anonymous shared a secret

I obviously can't share it with anyone in my life but I feel a genuine need to get it off my chest.

My brother and I are living as a married couple. No one knows we are siblings. No, we aren't inbred rednecks. We are college educated and semi-successful in our careers. (I am actually a teacher which is part of the reason I can't let this get out).

This has been happening all over the world, all throughout history, between siblings rich and poor, royal and peasant, white collar or blue collar, young and old, urban and rural.

It began back in college when we shared an apartment. He was dating my best friend and she was treating him like crap. I hated watching it. One night they'd had a fight and we were discussing it. He suddenly came out with the sentiment that he wished he could just be with me, because we've always got along so well. It was awkward and neither of us brought it up again for a while, but there was tension between us after that.

Then one day I found out my friend was cheating on my brother. We had a huge fight and I told my brother what had happened. He was furious. I was furious for him. He kissed me and I didn't push him away.

No, we did not start having passionate sex at this point like in some porno. That came after a few more weeks of awkwardness and the gradual growing of our feelings.

Part of the problem is that that sex police have tried to get everyone to believe that this can’t happen between anyone.

It happened when we were home for Christmas vacation. We were both up late one night when he just took my hand and led me to the basement which was converted into a kind of guest room.

For a while after that I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I was sickened that I'd had sex with my own brother. I considered moving out of our apartment, but I liked it there and didn't want to move into a dorm. Besides, it had been consensual. I had participated freely.

We really did try to make it a one time thing, but eventually broke down and had sex again. We've been doing it ever since. After we both graduated we moved across the country to a place where no one knew us and presented ourselves as a couple. We have the same last name, so that makes it easy. Our friends, neighbors and co-workers have no idea that we are siblings.

I have noticed, and many others have too, couples who have presented themselves as married who look very much alike. Is that really a simple coincidence in every case? No, it isn’t.

Our family has no idea what we are doing, as far as I know. I hope it stays that way because it would ruin our lives if it got out.

It’s really too bad that they have to hide. They aren’t hurting anyone.

Some comments followed.

Another anonymous…

I sleep with my dad.

Someone named Suzy spewed hate…

F---ing inbreed. Soon there will be more inbreeds running around your house. Hope your proud, inbreed.

The Bulls--- Detector wrote…

I think this happens more then people think.

It sure does.

Another anonymous…

My brother and I are in a similar situation. I'm on birth control and we have no intention to have kids. That way no one is hurt by it.

It is possible for siblings to have healthy children, but if someone doesn’t want to take the risk (which is still a small risk, unless they know they carry some serious genetic disease), that is their choice to make.
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  1. I really don't understand why this sort of things brings out so much hate from some people. Then again, I ask myself why people get so upset about gay relationships too and I can't answer that one either.

  2. My full blooded biological sister and I are in the begining of our homosexual gsa relationship and in talking about how to make it work have discussed moving away from everyone and be a couple. I dont think people will ever truly understand unless its happened to them. Being in it I bareley understand myself and would not wish it upon anyone. While its the hardest and can be the most painful situation, I have never loved or been inlove with someone the way Iam with her.

    1. Anonymous, there are way of coping with and minimizing the external hostilities. Feel free to contact me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com


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