Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Like Heterosexuals

From Zach at gay website comes “Chi Chi Made An Incest Movie, Too.” (NSFW!)

I guess incest is a thing now, as Chi Chi LaRue’s latest, Daddy It Hurts, explores the beloved family tradition of biological dads and sons having sex with each other.

This follows last month’s delightful dad-on-son action in
Dad Goes To College, the Joe Gage-directed feature wherein Conner Habib f----- his dad.

Consanguinamory has long been a popular fantasy in erotica and adult entertainment, gay or hetero. In life, consanguinamory does happen between people of all sexual orientations. When LGBT groups throw consanguinamorous people under the bus, some of the people they doing that do are LGBT.

How's that for a good start to Monday?
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