Monday, November 21, 2011

Some More Reaction to Mother-Daughter Lingerie Ads

I covered this story here. The New York Daily News had this poll:

Do you think the ads are inappropriate?
Yes, they're creepy!
No - they're models!
I'm not sure

How about “The ads are beautiful!” or “There’s nothing inappropriate about a grown daughter and her mother being comfortable or even affectionate with each other!”

Here was a perspective at

I know I've changed clothes in the same room as my mom many a time, but it's true that I'm unlikely to pose poutily with her while we lie on the floor. I don't think the ads are meant to suggest an incestuous relationship between the two women, but given the sexualized nature of lingerie ads, a mother-daughter campaign just seems like a bad idea. I don't want to think about my mom when purchasing sexy underwear, and I'll wager she doesn't want to think about me.

That’s okay. There are actually women, though, who do want to think about that. They’re the minority, but they do exist. And there are many men who like that idea. Some of those men buy lingerie for women.

Be sure to read Macha's great comments on these ads.
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