Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yes, More Reaction to Blindfold Prank

There's so much to blog about, and maybe I'll be able to catch up over the new couple of weeks.

If you're interested, you can find more reaction to the high school "prank" video I've been writing about.

Here's what pot users who get together online to talk about pot had to say.

Here's what some Catholics who read a blog by Fr. Tim Moyle had to say.

Regardless of where you go, most of the negative reaction has to do with anti-consanguinamory, not so much the assault aspect.
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  1. yikes >.> Sometimes I just want to slap these people in the face and say your comments of bigotry are the exact same that were used against the gays many years ago! Get a life v_v. I will be so pissed when Incest eventually becomes legal (well...glad in a way o.o) and people are all like "ohhh it's okay." or people don't allow anyone to criticize "what is wrong with incest? Hmm?" And I will be like *o* You guys don't get it!!! If incest wasn't legal you guys would be thinking the exact opposite!!! And they will just look at me with a dumbstruck expression, not understanding because their views are only based on society's views at the time and they don't really think for themselves! GRAAAAARawwwwr.


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