Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chelsea Hoffman Casually Spouts Bigotry

The headline of her piece is "Former Amanda Knox Sweetheart is Dating His Cousin!"

This is news? News that requires an exclamation point? Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were both murder suspects in the death of Meredith Kercher in Italy. It was tabloid fodder.

It seems that Raffaele Sollecito and Annie Achille are far more than what some people would call "kissing cousins."

This is just bizarre, and honestly it kind of brings more questions about Raffaele Sollecito than can be asked of Amanda Knox.

Wait, what? Bizarre? Must be nice to be oblivious to offending millions of happy lovers, their children, their extended families...

Raffaele Sollecito apparently has an attraction to women who look similar.

Shocking! Is Chelsea upset that she doesn't make the list? Jealous?

But how does Amanda Knox feel about this?

Why does it matter? Is Chelsea stuck in the 7th Grade?

Her and Raffaele Sollecito literally went through hell together.

Literally, huh?

It's bittersweet, and it seems that Sollecito certainly hasn't gone toward a healthy lifestyle of dating women outside of his own gene pool.

The ignorance is so thick it won't be flushed! I need a plumber. Next Hoffman will tell us that Knox is "dating a back man!" And she'll  make ignorant statements and lame jokes about that.

In the comments section, someone posted a press release...

Rita Kemezin Jan 12, 2012, 10:42am EST
January 7, 2012, Seattle, WA

Raffaelle Sollecito has released this statement through his Literary Manager, Sharlene Martin of Martin Literary Management, regarding erroneous reports that he is engaged to Annie Achille, a longtime family friend whom he has known since childhood:

“Reports that I am engaged to be married to Annie Achille are entirely false. Annie and I have known each other since we were children and we have just begun dating recently. There is no truth that we are engaged to be married and, in fact, I am looking forward to leaving Italy very soon and coming to work on my book in Los Angeles. Once the book is complete, my hope is to relocate to Seattle to pursue job opportunities in video game design. I also hope to enroll in university to work towards my Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

My goal for the immediate future is to work on my book and share with my supporters the real but little known story of my life, especially everything associated with the tragic death of Meredith Kercher, who remains always in my thoughts and prayers.”

There's nothing wrong with experimenting with, dating, or marrying a cousin. There are some countries and a little over half of US states where the bigotry against marriage equality extends to preventing first cousins from marrying, but the are many places where marrying a first cousin is legal and common.
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  1. Chelsea Hoffman is an ignorant fraud who uses the internet to get attention. She doesn't really care what kind of attention that is. She refers to herself as a 'crime analyst', despite having no credentials or work history in that field. She regularly refers to people as inbred when they are not; or attacks the entire British race on the basis of its 'inbreeding'. Her comments are all profoundly ignorant, and she is extremely verbally abusive. Her constant references to inbreeding etc... does make one wonder what on earth went on in Chelsea's life, because, let's face it - Most people just don't have these thoughts spring to mind! Another great irony about Chelsea Hoffman is that she regularly abuses people by referring to them as trailer trash, when she herself, sums up the true meaning of "White Trash". On top of all this, she has a hard, nasty face and is REALLY UNATTRACTIVE to look at. No wonder she's so twisted!

    1. Anonymous, thanks for visiting and giving your opinion. I'm getting a vague feeling that you aren't a fan of Ms. Hoffman. ;-)

  2. No, not a fan at all. Chelsea simply uses the net to hurt people, and she latches onto victims of serious crime to do so. If you google her, you will see that she has seriously hurt families of dead children, published material without the consent of grieving families etc... She is an example of one of the worst aspects of the technological revolution, in that any nasty, ignorant nutter can set up a website and call herself a 'crime analyst'! She also claims to have an IQ of 156, yet she 'studies' at a bogus online American 'university' that anyone can join, if they pay! There's no entrance exam, no reliance on previous school records etc... Now, come on- Anyone with an IQ of 156 would get entry into pretty much any university in the world, regardless of money. So, nothing she says rings true at all. She is such a fraud. It's obvious to anyone that she does not understand how to analyse anything and cannot even distinguish between assumption and fact. She has not got the rudimentary research skills of your average nine year old. She just writes whatever she feels like writing at the time, and all of it is simly designed to harm and inflame people. She likes to think that people challenge her because she provokes them in some witty or intelligent way, but she upsets people simply because sheh is a vile mix of ignorance and hatred. That is the opinion of a LOT of people- She will insult gay people, the parents of missing or dead children, parents with down syndrome children... The list goes on. I don't think she really has an opinion about anything. She just LOVES the attention she gets through hurting whomever she comes acress...

  3. Guess incest is good by you, huh?



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