Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Progress

No, I'm not talking about the states of Washington, New Jersey, and Maryland, where the limited same-sex freedom to marry is advancing, happily. I'm talking about consanguinamory.

I appreciate all readers who take the time to comment, and I have deliberately allowed anonymous comments due to the subject matter of this blog. I especially appreciate repeat commenters who hare supportive, such as VeganJoyJoy and Liz.

But getting a comment from someone new to the blog can also let me know word is getting out. It’s nice to know that we are making a difference.

Today someone left a comment after "Frequently Asked Question: Why Is Incest Illegal?"

I once asked to a few people: "How do you feel about love between siblings?"

I mostly got "Eww" as an answer. Then I realized that I have been raised in a world were it was obvious that it was wrong. Without giving me any valid arguments, I believed what people told me. I recently read a beautiful manga about a love story between a brother and his sister and I wondered: "Why is it wrong?" I did a little research and I found this website. I was amazed by…what I read. I feel somewhat more at ease knowing that the questions I use to ask myself didn't mean I was crazy. That's a relief...

Glad to be of help.

Going through adolescence is far less hard when you realize you're neither alone or completely insane.

Although, I believe teenagers with questions should not have to look this far into the internet to find some answers. Practically all we know about consanguinamory is that it's forbidden and that it's gross. No one ever bothered to give me any argument whatsoever. Occasionally people would tell me about genetics and stuff, but that's not sufficient at all. Not for me at least.

It is rather weak and it is Discredited Argument #18.

Well, I believe it's my generation's duty to make a significant change in the way people think (not meaning that past generations didn't do anything).

That helps. The younger generations will bring about full marriage equality so that an adult will be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults.
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