Friday, January 6, 2012

Grasping at Straws to Denounce Consanguinamory

I previously looked at Tauriq Moosa's writing on consanguinamory and reaction to it. Here's more reaction from

Typical reaction invoked Discredited Argument #18.

Wilton Said...

If incest is wrong due to genetics, (presupposing the consensual couple want to have children), then parents who smoke, have genetic diseases, are alcoholics, are drug addicts shouldn't have children either as the risk of birthing an unhealthy baby is high.

Moosa also responded…

I discussed this with a few physicians before writing and consulted some genetics books before. Any mistakes or shortcomings are therefore on my part. My apologies if I slacked off on the hard science. If you could say where I've gone wrong on the science, that would be appreciated.

However, you've only asserted that genetics must be a reason but you haven't said exactly why. There's a chance of two "unrelated" people producing children with deformities based on genetics.

If you are saying we should prevent two consenting adults from having sex because they have a higher chance of producing a child with debilities based on genetics, then surely every adult ought to be screened before engaging in sexual relations? The fact is it doesn't just happen with incestuous relations but non-incestuous ones, too (perhaps my science is wrong here?). If we then ONLY target incestuous couples with this law, based only on genetics as you keep asserting, we are promoting a double-standard, since the reasoning applies equally to NON-related adults.

Mike Cope…

Let's just say that, in general, H Sapiens prefers exogamy, and that this preference is often (usually?) expressed as a feeling of disgust for incest. Like all traits, there is likely to be some variation.

Do people really prefer exogamy? Some clearly do, but many of those people have been given a hard time by their parents. Also, look at how many people self-segregate based in appearances, skin color, ethnicity, etc. And there are studies saying that most people are attracted to people who look like them.


What is the bridge between the existence of these handicapped kids, and the judgement that we shouldn't have more of them?

People are just looking for excuses to justify their prejudices, dislikes, and interference in the love lives of others.
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