Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Different Take on Boardwalk Empire

Marxist blog (and supporter of Full Marriage Equality) Red Keyhole has shared a perspective on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” episode “Under God’s Power She Flourishes” different from what we’ve been seeing in news and entertainment media. If you're still not caught up, there are spoilers.

Red Keyhole describes and embeds the sex scene that has prompted all the talk, then writes…

In the case of Gillian, the mom in the Boardwalk Empire drama, however, her incestuous relationship with her son appears to be the result of a more extended, ongoing affair, the origins of which (e.g., living together, alone) are not clear. At the point where their incest is revealed, it’s presented as merely something routine they’re now accustomed to.

Emphasis mine. That is definitely a different take than what I’ve been reading. RKH goes on to take issue with the reaction from television critics.

The intensely prejudiced prevailing capitalist morality in regard to the Incest taboo can be perceived in the attitude of reviewers. For example, a review claims that Gillian was “forcing” her son to kiss her — but this reluctance doesn’t seem evident in the scene itself.

Likewise, says, “He struggles to get away from her but she clings to him, and forces him to have sex with her.” If so, Jimmy is certainly fooling the rest of us — he and his mom seem to really get it on, with pleasure.

I have not watched the series at all. Have you?
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