Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Night's "The Bachelor"

I'm referring to the show on America's ABC network. Do you watch it? I don't, although I do catch snippets here and there, mostly in TV recaps, like on "The Soup."

Someone who does watch the show tipped me off to a moment where one of the women competing (to convince the producers that she would be the best person to get her own season of "The Bachelorette"... sorry if I sound too cynical) said that she had signed up for an unnamed-but-I-think-we-all-know-the-name online matchmaking service that gives applicants a personality test and then matches people based on the information they have provided. The service matched her up with her brother.

That really shouldn't be surprising. I would think that can happen quite often if two siblings have taking the test at the same matchmaking service. They are often close in age and location, and have many things in common. See previous comments about this sort of thing here and here. And we know siblings who have been happy together.

Do you watch this show? If you do, do you take it seriously, given the track record?
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