Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still More Lingerie Ad Talk

Liz Langley at notes the controversy over the lingerie ad we’ve previously covered, “Mother and Daughter Model Lingerie ... Together.”

Looking at the pics in the story by Barbie Davenporte of LA Weekly about the mother-daughter modeling team posing for lingerie company The Lake and the Stars we didn’t see anything we’d call disturbing. Unusual, yes. Intriguing from the perspective of “What was it like for them to shoot it?” for sure. And definitely making good on its stated interest in addressing the psychology of female relationships.

At least Langley asks readers what they think, instead of telling them that they should be disturbed...

So whatcha think? Disturbing? Downright incestuous? Merely unusual? Just a physically comfortable mother-daughter relationship?

Or this week’s winner of the “made-ja click” award? Don’t act like you didn’t.

It can be a physically comfortable mother-daughter relationship that is also consanguinamorous. There's nothing wrong with them being that close and comfortable, consanguinamorous or not.
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