Thursday, January 12, 2012

Attacking Love

Brittaj17's Blog says it is about “Real Estate, News & Fun. Blogs about everything, with a twist.”

I know things are bad where I am when it comes to real estate and apparently it is very slow where Brittaj17 works, too, because she has the time to disparage love between consenting adults. She’s hating on the love between septuagenarian Pearl Carter and twentysomething Phil Bailey, which we wrote about quite a while ago. Why? Because Phil is Pearl’s genetic grandson. They didn’t meet until Phil was an adult, though.

It’s not that I don’t have an open mind, nor do I like to judge…but this seems incredibly sick.

That is judging and being closed-minded.

He is the son of her daughter Lynette Baily for goodness sakes! But to make matters worse, when she was 18-years-old, Pearl put her up for adoption.

Why does that make things worse? Pearl made the brave decision to give her child up, most likely to give that child a life better than she could provide. So Pearl did not raise Phil’s mother. They are genetic relatives, but Phil and Pearl had no prior social relationship whatsoever.

Disgusting…at her age, she should know better!

At her age, it is great that she has found love and is enjoying life. If the blogger finds it disgusting, she doesn’t have to do it. But who is she to denounce a consensual relationship between adults?

How many people Pearl’s age get warehoused in facilities and are lonely, without anyone coming to visit them? That is disgusting. Good for Pearl that she found love and companionship. These are consenting adults, and they should have their rights to share love, sex, residence and marriage and are just one of countless examples of why we need full marriage equality.
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  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog. It is great to live in America where we can all have different opinions. Not to judge, but for me it did sound a bit twisted. Just my each its own! Brittaj17 p.s. real estate actually has picked up! Blogging time has slowed:)


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