Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Not Wrong

There was a link at to the the “Is Incest Wrong” piece I looked at yesterday, and some responses after the link. The sex police “arguments” are so weak it is a wonder that laws against consanguinamory still exist. Most of  the statements against consanguinamory were made by people who obviously didn’t read the essay or have no reading comprehension.

The first comment I’ll look at…

It IS WRONG....hello? Genetics?

That was answered in the essay. It is Discredited Argument #18.

How can something as natural as homosexuality even be mentioned alongside incest? We are not BORN to mate with our siblings.

Those are Discredited Arguments #5 and 8.

Another comment…

Is it wrong, morally? No. I agree with the author of the column that no moral argument against incest stands up to scrutiny.

If we're talking consenting adults, why should I care what their relation to one and other is? What they do in the bedroom is up to them.

Thanks! That was the rare reasonable comment.

Yes, it is wrong. It is a social compact with which the majority agree.

Discredited Argument #3 Another comment…

Are people really asking this question? This makes me sad for humanity.

Being shocked is not an argument. Why be sad about the happiness of others? Another comment…

Our society likes to think that sex should be between those of equal status. Incest has no guarantees of such equal status, forcing the ugly possibility of coercion (and rape).

In that context, incest is wrong.

Discredited Argument #20. We’re not talking about coercion or rape. We’re talking about consensual sex. Exploration. Experimentation. Recreation. Bonding. Lovemaking. Another comment…

I don't even like to think about having sex with a longtime friend.

So that person appears to think casual sex is preferable to sex with someone you know and care about.

Over and over again, we see that there’s no reason to deny these people their right to marry or be together openly.
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  1. Thank you for this and for the previous support. It is refreshing and welcome in a fellow writer.




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