Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Loving Couple Denied the Freedom to Marry

The person going by "foreverinlove" is a man who is a consanguinamorous relationship with his biological daughter, initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction. He graciously agreed to this interview about their relationship.

How were you separated from your daughter and reunited?

foreverinlove: I split up with my daughter's mother when she was very young, and then my daughter was adopted out.

I didn't see her until she was 12 when she got in contact with me. She came to live with me almost straight away. She had been abused by her adoptive father since she was 6, so I wouldn't let her return there.

We went through a long process and eventually she was allowed to stay with me.

How were things between you before you got involved sexually?

foreverinlove: We were always cuddling and holding hands; I didn't know about Genetic Sexual Attraction then.

I really did try to fight the feelings I had inside me about her, and so did she. We tried to be “normal” and we both had relationships with others that produced children.

How did the sexual side of your relationship start?

foreverinlove: We were always cuddling, one night I became aroused as she sat on my lap in her nightie. She reached down and put it inside her. Afterwards, we felt bad, especially me. How could I do this to my own daughter? But she was all smiles. From there we were like rabbits, we were very lucky not to get caught. We made love everywhere, did it outside a lot.

We did try to hold back; it seemed so wrong. We have tried and tried not to be what we are, but all efforts failed; we now just want to be together forever.

I had a tough time accepting us. I was a man's man, how could I do this, it's been hard... real hard. I wouldn't have ever understood unless it happened to me.

How are things now?

foreverinlove: Now that we both fully accept each other, we have decided to stay true to each other to the end. No more fighting it. We spent many many years fighting it. She is the only girl for me.

We share a very deep relationship. Our lovemaking is one of the most intense things that I've been through. When we make love it's just unbelievable. I've had sex with many women and nothing comes close to us. It is a natural extension of us, it feels so right, it really is making love. . I love and worship every part of her.

I think people experiencing GSA, if they accept it fully, are in for the best relationship of their life... the love we have for each other is truly amazing. It's so strong and so good.

Does anyone else know the full nature of your relationship?

foreverinlove: No one else knows about us. That's far too risky. We have our own places, We are very private and good at hiding what we are, we will never tell anyone ever, because no one would ever understand. We would be called freaks and it would be hard for our families. We have only just truly accepted it now ourselves.

What do you say to people who disapprove of your relationship?

foreverinlove: I understand how they feel. I would of been the same had this not happened to me.

Would you marry her if the law allowed it?

foreverinlove: Yes, of course if I could marry this girl I would in an instant. Our plans for the future are to be together to the end.

So there we have it... more people who are forced into the closet when they'd rather be legally married. And fighting against their love led to problems. We need full marriage equality sooner rather than later, so that people can be together without fear of prosecution, bullying, or discrimination, and so that other people around them can come to see that there's nothing wrong with love.

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If you'd like to be interviewed about your relationship, or having to be in the closet or the experiences you had when you came out of the closet, you can contact me via fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com.
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  1. I just want to thank you for sharing this interview and bringing awareness to the issue of genetic sexual attraction between adult fathers and daughters. Like foreverinlove, I am an adult adoptee (age 43) in a "consanguinamorous" relationship with my 68 year old biological father.

    We were reunited 8 years ago and have been intimately involved since the very beginning of our relationship. To the outside world we have chosen to keep up the facade of father and daughter, but in the privacy of our home we are a married couple in every sense of the word.

    Sometimes it makes me sad that our love will never be recognized by society, but that's just the way it is..

    1. Thank You so much for posting this interview, i feel better about myself. I was separated from my father as a baby and met him when i was 12, and then moved in at age 16. Now we are both adults and fallen for each other so deeply that it depresses me when i remember that we cannot let anyone know of our relationship. I wish it wasn't deemed so wrong.

    2. Anonymous, thanks for your comments and congratulations on your relationship. I am fighting for you.

      If you are willing to write me, you can reach me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or on Facebook:

    3. It's so sad that it's not recognised
      I think it's the most beautiful pure type of love to be especially my experience with my dad am 18 and he's 36years old
      Our love making is so pure and exciting
      We communicate well talk laugh but only under our roof since am the only child

    4. Congratulations on our love. Please contact me at fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com

  2. Anonymous, thanks for your comments and congratulations on your relationship. As far as reoognition, that's what this blog is all about.

    If you are willing to write me, you can reach me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or on Facebook. It would be good to talk and if you'd like, I could post your love story, too.

  3. Wow! Some guy actually comes forward and says "I was a man's man, how could this happen to me" & "I felt awful afterwards at first" and "it was really hard". I hear you. I have lived it. And if I never experienced the connection, the outrageous sexual connection and crazy satisfaction which comes with it (sorry, no pun intended) I would not believe that incest could be that incredible, both the physical and emotion aspects. I have two beautiful daughters in college. Gorgeous, drop dead attractive. One an ex state champion gymnast, the other a state champion and sectional ranked tennis player. I have never thought about having an affair or sex with either of them, but their aunt on their father's side is a different story. My sister and I share an out of this world physical relationship. I can relate to what I went through for years coming to terms with my crazy desires for my sister which I harbored since I was a little kid shooting blanks. We consummated our relationship when we were adults and have been going strong for more than a decade. But it is nice to hear some other guy wrestled with it for awhile before finally seeing the light and embracing it for what it is. My sister never blinked for a second. She always said that compared with what is going on in the world , we are doing absolutely nothing wrong. Little sis is ahead of the curve on that. The emotional turmoil which incest can cause even in the most consenting adults can be unexpected. It is an aspect every person thinking about incest should talk about before crossing the line. I talked plenty with my sister before our first time, but I still was not equipped for a while. Now I think it is the best decision I (we) have ever made. Best of luck to you both and I wish you well

    1. Thanks for commenting, Anon. Feel free to write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com as I'd like to hear more about your situation


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