Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Documentary Being Made About Genetic Sexual Attraction

If you or someone you know has experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction and you are willing to help with a documentary, here’s some info of interest:

ZKK TV are aiming to produce a sensitive and non-sensationalist film that helps explain why people feel GSA and hopefully goes some way to breaking down the stigma that surrounds the subject. We also want the documentary to offer practical advice and support for viewers who are dealing with the tremendously powerful emotions that characterise GSA.

At the moment we are simply doing background research into the area and are very interested in talking to anyone who has any knowledge of GSA, either through their own experiences or as a Post-Adoption support worker.

Anything discussed would be in complete confidence and would not be recorded or used in the documentary itself, although ultimately we will be looking for people who would be happy to share their story as a part of the film.

If you’d like to get in touch, or just want to know more about the project, please email Becky on

Their website is and you can find their listing at IMDb.

We also made the cutting edge film 'sleeping with my sister' which was reviewed in the guardian as 'a sensitive and sympathetic film, treating the subject with the delicacy it requires, and it leaves you feeling only pity and compassion for the four people involved. Well done.'

We are aiming to make another film along the same lines, exploring the emotions of GSA from not only brothers and sisters but other forms of GSA relationships.

Hopefully, this project will raise more awareness of GSA in general and that there can be lasting, healthy relationships initiated with GSA.
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