Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Study on Polyandry

My general caution with scientific studies involving other animals is that results aren’t always analogous to humans. We can point to other animals to make a case that same-sex attraction, polyamory, or consanguinamory are natural, but it isn’t necessary. Human beings are constantly allowed things that aren’t natural. One example: the very device you using to access this.

With that being said, I found this abstract worth noting.

Our results rather support the alternative hypothesis of ‘adaptive polyandry’: females in better condition are more polyandrous. Furthermore, we reveal that multiple mating incurs significant energetic costs, which are strikingly symmetrical between the sexes. Our study shows that mouse lemur females exert tight control over mating and actively seek multiple mates. The benefits of remating are nevertheless not offset by its costs in low-condition females, suggesting that polyandry is a flexible strategy yielding moderate fitness benefits in this small mammal.
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