Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Person's Involvement in Two Consanguineous Relationships

Things have been getting even better at ILF, which is a good place to go to discuss consanguinamory and consanguineous sex in a supportive environment.

As a reminder, you need to register (you can do so with a handle or pseudonym) and start contributing (for example, introduce yourself) before getting increased access, so you’re not going to see all of the discussion areas when you first go there.

Below is an example of the kind of information you’ll find there, including some graphic language.

A longtime member of various consanguinamory discussion boards wrote about why he is interested

I'm currently single but dating. No kids.

I was involved in an incestuous relationship with my sister from when we were kids all the way into our late teens. We lost our virginity to each other and had sex many times. It was never romantic between us, just sexual.

This is not so uncommon. He even married someone else who had a consanguinamorous relationship.

My ex-wife was involved in a very incestuous relationship with her father from the age of 19 till she was 28. He wasn't her first, but he was her favourite. She got wet at the sound of his voice alone, and would often start to climax the moment he penetrated her. She was crazy about incest between consenting adults, far more than even I am.

That’s saying something, since he’s a longtime participant in consanguinamory discussions.

We role played as brother and sister pretty much 24/7. She and her father were involved before we met and all during our marriage. She and I met on a forum similar to this one. I didn't mind sharing because of how much I loved knowing she was being f---ed by her father.

Sounds like he is or was polyamorous.

It was her inability to carry on both relationships at the same time is what ultimately let to our breaking up.

Sounds like she was not polyamorous. At least her husband was supportive.

There were no secrets among the three of us. I knew everything they did together and they knew all the details of what my sister and I had done. But even so I never got to watch them together. Her dad was not comfortable with the idea of anyone watching, though he did enjoy knowing that his daughter was telling me exactly what they got up to alone. She also pursued other relatives besides her dad, but with less success.

My new girlfriend knows nothing about any of this and would probably be horrified to find out.

That’s too bad, but it may not be relevant if there will never be anything else between the writer and his sister, and if he can be happy with his girlfriend.

The ignorance, fear, and stigma surrounding consensual incest needs to be removed, so that these things can be dealt with on their own merits. Most people will still choose partners who aren’t close relatives, but those who do have consensual experiences and relationships with close relatives should not have to hide or fear the law.
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