Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Reaction to the Finlayson Sentencing

The Student Room (in the UK) discussion board had a thread reacting to the criminal sentencing of the Finlaysons, who were prosecuted for having consensual sex.

joancollins, the thread starter, was typically prejudiced in her response…

twisted freaks...

But there were some allies, too, no matter how reluctant.


Don't see what they did wrong really. They both consented and are adults. Twisted freaks? To me yeah. Disgusting act? To me yeah. Deserves jail or any sort of punishment? No.


I find it difficult to describe how little I care.

As long as they don't procreate, it's all good.

What random people get up to is none of my business, nor yours.

Procreation isn’t necessarily a problem, either.


Who cares?

The state should have no say in what two consenting adults agree to do - 50 years ago it'd be headlines about gay people having sex and everyone saying it was disgusting etc......

Not saying I personally agree with what they did but really the press have no right at all to comment on it and ruin their lives like that, nor should the state have any right to prosecute them....


The only crime here is ruining the lives of 2 people who didn't harm anyone just because of some silly petty law. Just because it is sick, doesn't make it wrong, and they shouldn't be punished for their actions.

Ice Constricter…

Sick individuals? yes. But forgetting they were in public, is it any of our business or against the law? NO!!!


As disgusting and bizarre it may seem, at the end of the day they both consented so the only thing they broke was a time-honoured tradition.

Actually, consanguinamory is a tradition itself.


you know what it's their life and their business, the press have no right to demonise them and hound them to the extent they have to go round with a blanket over their head! they aren't celebs they didn't sign up for being in news papers and it's no one elses business!

the papers shouldn't be able to post their names or pictures, i'm sorry but that is wrong. their lives are ruined now, they will be ostracised by everyone who knows them and every potential employer who googles them will find this!

they were stupid doing it in a railway station... but there is no need for this. i think what they did is disgusting but at the end of the day, who am i to judge? it was their decision and i don't see a problem with it, unless it was unprotected sex... even then it's not bad enough to warrant this!

Well, at least there were some allies, no matter how reluctant. Some people have such ease in denigrating the consensual sex that others have.

Again, this is a criminal case that never should have been prosecuted. Consensual sex should not be a crime.
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