Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Example of How Sister Wives is Opening Minds

High school student Isabelle Agnew, in this piece, shows that “Sister Wives” is opening the minds of the youth.

I've really grown to like the Brown family, and completely understand their mindset when it comes to their religion and lifestyles.

It's no big secret that the "norm" in today's society is monogamy. This means that to be accepted into society, it is expected that we only ever have one partner.

That is presented as the norm, but is it really the norm? Very few people have one sexual partner for life, and even fewer are with a person who has also had only them as a sexual partner for life.

Most people have the idea that a polygamist group is one of those you see on the news whose children walk around with very conservative outfits. Usually we hear those horror stories in the news about a man in the group getting married to girls as young as 12 or 13, and then proceeding to produce several babies with them.

This is not how the Brown family lives, nor is it a lifestyle that I am condoning.


Personally, while watching the Browns, I feel like they are a much happier family than many monogamist families.

While the wives (who call themselves sister wives) have to frequently deal with jealousy, I feel as if they all have a stronger relationship with Kody than they would if they were individually with Kody.

Very interesting observation.

Polygamy may or may not be a lifestyle suitable for everyone, and the same goes for monogamy.

We deserve the right to choose between the two.

Yes! Exactly! Well, not just the two. There’s monogamy and so many forms of nonmonogamy. As I am so fond of saying, an adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults. That may mean a woman marries one woman, or two women who are not married to each other, or all three are married together, or a woman marries a man and a woman, or whatever Let adults decide for themselves. They may not even want to get married, but live together. Let them. All of the people who worry so much about this should find more productive things to do with their time. In the case of the Browns, the women are each married to Kody, not each other.

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