Monday, October 31, 2011

Love Won With This Couple

This article from Vietnam tells the story of Dinh Van Minh, 50, and Dinh Thi Man, 52. When they were 6 and 8, the siblings were orphaned and then became separated. What ended up happening may or may not be a result of Genetic Sexual Attraction, but it most definitely is a beautiful love story.

Talented and good-looking, Minh was the target of several girls at a boarding school in Tay Son District, where he was attending continuing education class in 1976. But the girl who won his heart was Man.

They married each other and only stumbled upon their original relationship in 1982, after Man gave birth to their first daughter.

That’s when ignorance took over around them. Thankfully, they didn’t let ignorance by others break them apart.

"I was in great shock. Neighbours advised us to separate. They felt scared of us. Many families actually decided to move to other areas," Minh told the Thanh Nien (Young People) newspaper.

"But I thought: What would she do if I left her? At that time, our daughter was just three months old."

Minh was sent to prison for two years. I don’t know why he was prosecuted and she wasn’t. But after the prison term, he went back to his lifelong love.

They have since had another child and their children have grown up, married and had their own children, all of whom are normal.

The ignorant people who think children born to consanguineous lovers will be disabled need to read that.

There should have been no prosecution. They belong together. How could anyone be against their love?
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  1. LOL people actually moved? What complete idiots...I mean you don't have to agree with what they are doing...but moving? come on... Here is there thought process in plain terms.
    "*gasp* Egad! It conflicts with my values that people that are of the same bloodline are able to love each other, even though I was totally okay with them loving each other before I knew about it!!!!"
    And the prison sentence is uncool dude. What the hell? Why are they even imprisoning him? HE didn't do anything! People were already giving him a hard time and then they throw him in jail? What the heck?
    I need to remember exactly WHY it's so important to be standing up for these people when I make a case to a class or something...I tend to be to lenient on the side opposing them.

  2. That is ridicules. To them its no different than any other relationship. if anything its stronger. how dare they intervene and prosecute them! its none of there business anyways. They have kids who are perfectly healthy, they are married, they are in love, than why stop them? what wrong are they doing? why should they get arrested if they aren't hurting anyone. how can love disgust anyone so much that they have to move out of the area? how incredibly hateful. </3 :C

  3. Note to self: If I ever discover that my wife is also my sister, it might be a good idea to keep that information to myself instead of blabbing about it to the whole neighbourhood.

  4. Anonymous, what I didn't include in the quotes was that one of their relatives was the one who first figured it out, before the couple. People in consensual relationships, who aren't cheating on anyone, shouldn't be coerced into hiding or secrecy.


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