Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here’s One Good Thing Coming to an End

Polly has had one of my top must-read blogs included in my blogroll over there in the column on the right. However, she’s pulling the plug on it.

I was a bit upset when I realized the title of her latest posting appeared to indicate the end had come, and when I clicked through and my fear was confirmed. However, after reading her explanation, I feel a lot better. Please note that she will soon be taking the old entries offline.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, this blog is intensely personal, and there are things I am no longer willing to share with people I do not know personally (and some things I am no longer willing to share with anybody, period). I have already been found by people who do know me "in real life" - and that has sometimes resulted in some interesting conversations.

Certainly understandable. Being out, or “partially out,” can be difficult, unfortunately, given the lingering prejudice and discrimination against polyamorous people.

And I do not want people to believe that my life is so hellish that I only have negative things to say. I want people to know that life as a poly mom is wonderful. Really, really wonderful. However, I may not have as much blog fodder on the wonderful parts, again, because those things are often very private... sometimes more private than the not so wonderful parts.

One of the reasons I enjoyed the blog was that it did something very important. It showed the world that polyamorous people are normal people, and sometimes great spouses, parents, neighbors and coworkers, the kind of people you may already know and not realize it.

I just hope to concentrate less on my "virtual life," and more on my real life. Ultimately, this is the most healthy path for me, and the one that I hope will benefit my family most, and the poly world most.

Ironically, the very reasons I liked the blog… that she’s a good mother and wife… are the reasons for her decision to discontinue and remove the blog. Also, she has good news and plans, including writing a book. So I feel much better now.

Here’s a quote to print out and carry around with you…

The last thing I want to say, as cliche and canned as it may sound: true love really does conquer all. And yes, it is worth it. Hold your loved ones close, have the faith and strength to build your family as you want it to be, and all will be well in the end.

Multiple thanks and lots of love to Polly!
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