Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Law Needs to Adapt to Polygamy

This blurb takes a short look at a radio program on polygamy, which according to the blurb is surging among British Muslims.

What's Wrong with Polygamy? (Asian Network) was studded with moments to make you hurl things at the radio. "I just went ahead and did it," one polygamist said of his second marriage. "My first wife found out about it afterwards".

Other spouses should always be informed so that they can express their objections or divorce.

There were some surprising points of view. One woman explained that she had chosen to be a second wife.

Why is that surprising?

"I didn't want him 24/7," she said. "I didn't want to cook for him 24/7." A first wife willingly agreed to polygamy ("I will be rewarded if I suffer") but asked for a divorce after six miserable years.

Six years? That’s longer than many monogamous marriages last.

Places like the UK are dealing with an increase in subcultures practicing Islamic polygyny, as well as polyamory that isn’t necessarily affiliated with religion. There are three basic responses:

1. Trying to prevent polyamory and polygamy. This would involve investigating, arresting, prosecuting, and jailing and/or fining people for having consensual relationships. This is overly intrusive and oppressive, and not very effective.

2. Ignoring it. This will mean an increase of problems as people living in marriages won’t have those marriages legally recognized. What does this do to the government’s social programs?

3. Registering the marriages per request. This provides equality and protects spouses and children. This is the best option. It offers the most protection against welfare fraud and domestic violence.

The British people should not have their marriages dictated by the Anglican church, especially if they aren’t Anglicans or aren’t religious. Adaptation is necessary. Embrace full marriage equality, and let adults have the marriages they choose.
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