Friday, October 21, 2011

An Example of Where Journalism Can Improve

This is all too typical. A local news source provides a list of crimes/criminal charges missing some important information. In this example, the headline was "Burglary Suspects Indicted."

After giving plenty of details about a burglary case as promised, there's a list of other charges and who was being charged, mostly drug related. In the middle of it, there's this...

Jeffrey Leon King, committed the offense of incest from a period of September 2005 to January 2006.

It doesn't say rape, assault, or child molestation, or even "aggravated incest." It says "incest." It does not give the age of the alleged victim, nor even indicate the alleged victim was under the age of consent. I would think that if this was nonconsensual, or the alleged victim was a minor, the charges would be aggravated incest and perhaps statutory rape or child molestation.

If this was a rape or molestation, there should be a little more focus on such a horrible crime that is certainly worse than burglary.

If this was a matter of consensual sex between adults, then it shouldn't be a crime at all.

Please, journalists, make a difference.
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