Saturday, October 22, 2011

Parlez-Vous Polyamory?

Amy Thompson tells of how being polyamorous helped her to learn French.

I had a man for every day of the week when I was in France. While abroad, my only goal was to speak French. Dating someone turned out to be the best way to learn the language because I was always talking to that person. I had that dynamic multiplied by six, plus the long-distance boy back home.

She explains why monogamy isn't for her...

I’m in love with everyone I meet. For me to have to pick just one [type] is like asking me to choose between cheese and chocolate. I love different things about both. Does my love for cheese affect my love for chocolate? No. So I won’t choose.

Here's the twist, though...

A lot of my friends told me what I was doing was immoral. The word “whore” was used to describe me. I didn’t have sex with any of those guys, not that it would matter. They [my friends] abandoned me for a lifestyle that made sense to me.

Those weren't friends.

It is important to remember that being polyamorous does not necessarily mean "having sex with multiple people right now." A polyamorous person could be not seeing anyone at any given moment, or dating several people, and even have romance and emotional bonding with multiple people while not having sex, at least not at that time.
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