Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Example of Sister Wives Opening Minds

Liane Bonin Starr has some good things to say about “Sister Wives”…

A sincere bond connecting the wives is evident as well -- instead of competing with one another, they seem to value what each wife brings to the table (to say nothing of the joys of having three back-up babysitters). Surprisingly, on this show, the conflict isn't internal but comes largely from the outside world, which in this case is more than enough to keep things interesting.

Still, it can read like a backhanded compliment…

In a world of "Dance Moms" and "Jersey Shore," "Sister Wives" is a jarring anomaly -- a show with a prurient hook that retains viewers by being downright wholesome. Heck, if you can get past the whole husband-swapping angle, this is family-friendly programming.

It is family-friendly, period. Why shouldn’t the whole family be able to watch a show about a polygynous family? The show isn’t about Kody Brown having sex with multiple women. It is about Kody Brown being married to multiple women. These people love each other and care for each other. And, it will do younger people good to know that a monogamous marriage isn't the only option.

The review of the show brought some responses.

Jancis M. Andrews…

Polygamy entrenches the hateful ancient double standard, whereby men have lots of sex partners, but women have to remain faithful to only one man.

No, polygamy simply means there are more than two spouses. What Andrews has a problem with is polygyny. I have no problem with women choosing to marry a man who is, or will be, married to other women as well, but then I think women should be free to marry multiple men, multiple women, one of each, or more than one of each. Or not marry at all.

As well, only the first (legal) wife and her children are entitled to share in Kody's life insurance, health, vision and dental insurance, tax benefits and pensions. The remaining women and their children are on their own, and God help them if any one of them has a serious health problem.

Sounds like a reason to legalize polygamy, so everyone can be protected.

bkgirl responded…

Why, Jancis, you would think that the Brown's family marriage is based only on sex, is beyond my understanding. When I watch this show I see caring people who are doing their best to life their lives with their own beliefs within a world that shames them for it. There is no sexual abuse that I have seen within the home, either of the children or the wives. Each, are adult women, and have decided to live this life on their own. Nobody forced them.

Thank you! The more people see nonmonogamous relationships and same-sex relationships and interracial relationships and and consanguinamorous relationships that work, the better.

An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults.
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