Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dirty Doings Near Denver?

Police in Lakewood, Colorado aren’t pleased by Beyond the Bedroom. At least part of the problem they had was the possibility of a live demonstration of orgasmic meditation, a BDSM class, and videos featuring female ejaculation.

"They didn't say we couldn't hold the event there," Daka-Dan recalls. "But they did say if any of the presenters did anything illegal, they'd be arrested, and me and my partner" -- pro-polyamory nonprofit Loving More's Robyn Trask -- "would be arrested, too."

Steve Davis, spokesman for the Lakewood Police Department, puts it differently, maintaining that only what he refers to via e-mail as "live sexual acts" were described as forbidden. But Daka-Dan and Trask were freaked out enough to relocate Beyond the Bedroom to Westminster anyhow.

Why is there a law against “live sexual acts” in the first place, provided everyone involved and present is there by choice?

Daka-Dan has put together a sex education event with presentations about better communication, swinging, polyamory, and more. He sought guidance from the police and was working with the hotel so as to not offend anyone not interested in the event.

Just as frustrating for Daka-Dan, he says, is "the fact that they wouldn't come right out and tell us what they would see as illegal. Like, we have a video of a woman expressing female ejaculate" as part of a presentation on the topic by Deborah Sundahl. "It includes a scientific analysis of what the fluid is, where it comes from, how it's expressed, but it does show it happening. And she wouldn't tell us that it would be illegal, but she kind of hinted at it."

To me, the "dirty doing" is that the organizers of the event felt the need to move because they weren’t being given assurances and clear guidelines from law enforcement.

I can understand laws that discourage streetwalking and protect people from abusive pimps. But I strongly believe people should have freedom when it comes to their own bodies and their associations and what they do in private. I fail to see what the problem is even if there is a “live sex act” done behind closed doors in front of people who’ve chosen to be there, whether they’ve paid to see it or not. That there are laws that interfered with this situation is part of the larger problem we have with laws that try to control consensual sexuality. Adults should have freedom over their own bodies, and that includes with whom, and in front of whom, they disrobe, masturbate, or have sex.
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