Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Positive Article on Polyamory

The Golden Gate Express, which serves the San Francisco State University community, had a positive article on polyamory.

One misconception is that polygamy is the same as polyamory.

“It generally is defined as consensual, mutual, intimate sexual relations among multiple adults,” said Associate Professor of sociology at SF State Christopher Carrington.

Irving feels that polyamory is the opposite of cheating because her relationship with Russo is open and honest. If she feels attracted to someone or feels jealous, she will tell Russo.

I consider polygamy to be polyamory expressed in marriage. Of course, there are many forms of polygamy, such as polygyny and polyandry.

In the case that they decide to have children, Irving and Russo will raise the kids with their other partners.

“With something like a relationship like ours, if she had another partner and I had another partner, that just adds to the people that can build the family and that can actually effectively raise a child,” Russo said.

Even then, Irving and Russo are determined to stay who they are.

“When they ask me, well why isn’t one partner enough? Well, is one friend enough? Is having one child in your life enough? Is having one pet enough? I don’t see why a sexual relationship with someone has to be exclusive when no other one is,” Irving said.
It‘s nice to see polyamory getting more and more attention. More people need to know that it is an option.
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