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I don't want your money.

If you support full marriage equality and the general right of consenting adults to share love, sex, kink, and cohabitation without prosecution, bullying, or discrimination, you can support these rights in any number of ways.

Join This Blog! - If you'd like to join this blog, even to cross-post your entries from another blog, we invite you to do so. Can you translate written English into another language? If so, it would be great to get some of our pages and special entries translated into other languages. If blogging or otherwise writing isn't your thing, maybe you are good with graphic art?

Here are the conditions (subject to change):

We retain control of the blog, not you.

You support full marriage equality.

Stay on topic. The topic is the right to sex, love, kink, and marriage for everyone, regardless of birth or the number of participants.

Do not break the law. No libeling, no inciting violence; nothing else illegal.

Make a clear distinction between consensual sex and rape, assault, child molestation, and invasion of privacy [such as when someone captures sex or nudity on video without the consent of the subjects(s).] Anything that promotes the nonconsensual "sex," molestation, rape, or abuse is unacceptable.

Do not “out” anyone who doesn’t wish to be outed, unless they are a public figure who has publicly expressed opposition to the right to sex, love, kink, and marriage.

Keep the general tone of your postings civil.

Email us at fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com for discussion and access.

Promote full marriage equality On Facebook:

Group: I Support Full Marriage Equality!

Solidarity - Support people in your life who are LGBTQ+, polyamorous, or in consanguinamorous relationships, especially if they are being discriminated against or rejected or are somehow struggling. Support from family members and friends is especially helpful.

Seek Organized Help and to Help – There are various civil rights and sex-positive organizations and events that already exist that should, in solidarity, welcome you if you need help or want to help. Your local Gay-Straight Alliance, PFLAG, or other LGBTQ+ group or event is one place to go. Some there might not be welcoming of poly or consang people, but others might have a sense of solidarity. (I will not financially support any organization or event that doesn’t support full marriage equality; equality just for some is not equality.) If you are an organizer, make sure you are being inclusive and showing solidarity.

Academic Research – Support and participate in research related to these matters, or, if you are a researcher or professor, consider related topics for research.

Vote – Support these rights with your vote.

Legislation – Ask your legislators to support privacy and freedom for consenting adults; ask them to repeal senseless laws against victimless crimes like polyamory and consensual consanguineous relationships. If you are a legislator, put together a bill that repeals outdated and unjust laws that tie up needed resources.

Law Enforcement/Court CasesDon’t arrest and don’t prosecute people for victimless crimes like consensual private sex. If you are on a jury, nullification is an option, which means finding someone not guilty even if they have broken the law, because the law is unjust.

Media Feedback and Appearances – Thank media companies whose productions support these rights, and admonish those whose productions perpetuate prejudice and bigotry. Speak with the media to promote marriage equality, after preparing. If you are, or have been in a consanguinamorous relationship, see this about media appearances.

Speak Up – Support these rights in online comments and discussions, calls to talk shows, letters to editors, and so on. Answer polls and surveys in which you can express your support for these rights. Speak up in personal conversations when the topic or related topics come up; let people know you support the rights of consenting adults to pursue happiness. Here you can find good answers to the common arguments people try to make against equality.

Be mindful of terminology being used. Draw clear distinction between child abuse (child brides, child molestation) and consensual relationships. Do not let people equate, for example, adult siblings in a consensual relationship to rape of a minor child by a parent. Call out anyone who neglects solidarity by throwing others under the bus.

Share This Blog! – Spread the word about this blog. Follow us and link to us.

Tell Us! – Alert us to something we’ve missed, alert us to the existence of your blog, tell us what you think, or share your personal experiences with us.
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  1. My mother and I have been having sex for years my mother is not beautiful but is real pretty and gets prettier the older she gets. we have four very healthy children, who we love very much and we are very much in love and very happy we really wish we could marry.

    1. Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your love! I'd like to hear more from you. Please write me at Fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com

  2. I'd argue that your permission to "out" anyone who is against our/your agenda is a bad tactic. If you want privacy for yourself, you cannot deny it to others. Just as law, the rules should apply equally.

    1. I’m generally against outing anyone against their will. But if a public figure, especially a politician, is actively fighting to deny these rights while secretly enjoying the very sexualities they want to deny, it’s permissible to out them.

    2. I agree, hypocrisy can’t stand. If someone is advocating for the persecution of someone while engaging in the same behavior themselves in private that must be brought to light.

      Not to out their lifestyle which is sadly reprehensible still when it shouldn’t be, but to expose their lack of moral standards and ensure the public knows whom they are voting for at the polling station.

      If you want to attack someone don’t go sneaking around doing the same thing yourself.

  3. my personal opinion ,is everyone has their own view consensual incest, i see no harm if all involved are of legal age sound mind and have talked and discussed their situation . its must be kept a secret because societies view of it . i.never understood why two consenting adults who already love each other are forbidden from making love. .


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