Thursday, November 5, 2015

Are You Willing to Help Media?

If so, contact me on Facebook or write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com.

More and more requests are coming in from media (newspaper and magazine journalists, radio and television producers, documentary filmmakers) seeking those involved or experienced in polyamorous relationships and/or consanguineous romantic or sexual relationships, whether initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction or not. As usual, I’m talking about consensual relationships, not abuse.

The right media projects can greatly advance the rights of people in these relationships by raising awareness and showing people that these relationships are nothing to fear, and are often quite beautiful and healthy relationships.

So, what I'd like is to know who is willing to participate, so I know ahead of time who would help with something like this. Before you say "not me!" please continue reading.

If you’re worried about what you’d say, don’t be. I am willing to prepare you for that if need be. However, what they’re usually looking for is just for you to talk honestly about your relationship.

Different projects are looking for different levels of participation (see #5 below) so even if you don’t want to have your name and face associated with the relationship labels that seems to scare some people, you might still be able to help.

If you would consider participating please email me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com. This would be for MY information. I will not be publishing this information.

Let me know:

1) Who you are. If I’ve been in contact with you or run your interview on my blog, that should be easy. But otherwise, let me know what your involvement is/has been. Does your situation meet the definition of Genetic Sexual Attraction or were you raised together/by one another, or are you not close genetic relatives but still considered by some “incestuous” (stepfamily or adopted siblings or parent/adult child, for example.)

2) The name you want to use with media/the public.

3) The best way for me to contact you.

4) The best way for someone from media to contact you, or if you need them to contact you through me (see #3.)

5) What you’re POTENTIALLY willing to do. (“Potentially” meaning you MIGHT be willing do this, depending on your impression of the project and the people involved. Do not include anything you’d NEVER do.) Include all that apply:

"I might be willing to..."

provide background information for their research (not making an actual appearance in their article or production)

communicate by email, text, or other written communication

communicate by voice (phone, Skype, etc.) undisguised

communicate by voice, disguised

communicate by video (webcam, Skype, facetime, etc.) undisguised/not hidden in shadow

communicate by video, disguised or hidden in shadow.

meet in-person

appear in-person (radio, television, conference)

be quoted anonymously or under an assumed name in print (newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.)

be quoted in print under my real or legal name

appear on live audio such as live radio

appear in recorded audio (such as for a podcast or radio feature)

appear on live television (such as a live news segment)

appear on recorded television (talk show, recorded news segment, television series or documentary)

appear in a film (documentary that might be released online, in cinemas, on disc, etc.) that does not reveal my name or face

appear in a film that might reveal my face and/or name

Contact me on Facebook or write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com.

Here are other ways you can help secure rights sooner rather than later.
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