Monday, February 4, 2013

We Get Very Interesting Letters

I appreciate whatever comments are left here on the blog, even if someone expresses a disagreeing opinion. I especially like to hear from people who are helped from visiting here or have a related experience they want to share.

Recently, someone left a comment after an interview I did with a man who was having a relationship with his mother. The person leaving the comment was a woman who could relate to the situation...
I'm in a relationship like this. My son was taken from me when he was 6, he's a fully grown handsome young man now. When he moved back home with me nothing like this had crossed our minds but I was seeing a man just older than my son and he got jealous. I queried why and he said because he wanted to hold me close, kiss me on the lips and make love to me. I thought he had lost his mind. I gave in once thinking it was just something he needed to get out of his system. Oh no it wasn't. We have both fallen deeply in love with each other, the sex is out of this world and although I have reservations he will one day leave me to find someone to have a family with which he says he won't do, he has said he would marry me if it was possible too. I would love to marry him, have his child, we live as husband and wife but even though in some states gay people are allowed to marry, we're not. It's not fair. Fairness for everyone no matter what their sexual orientation is.
This is someone I'd definitely like to hear more from, as the comment raises many questions. It sounds like a Genetic Sexual Attraction situation, since he was removed from her life before he was seven years of age.

It is common in intergenerational relationships, especially involving an older woman and younger man, for the older person to have insecurities about being left by the younger person for a "more acceptable" person closer in age. The younger partner, if wanting to have children, may have reservations about doing so with an older partner. It is something that everyone in these relationships must work out for themselves. I speak from experience, having had relationships with older women starting when I was just 19. Of course, in this situation, there's the added issue of the relationship being consanguinamorous and subject to the discrimination that still comes along with that. Ultimately, what really matters is what they want and how they treat each other. It shouldn't be anyone else's business. If they are happy together, they should be free to be together in every sense of the word and to marry if they want to.

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  1. Keith I thought you should read this article about a university having classes about incest-assuming you haven't already.

    1. Thanks. I blogged here about the story, although maybe not the piece.


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